100 Goals in 10

I have decided to set up some life goals that I want to achieve within the next 10 years. I know that this is a lot of time to complete these goals, but I don't ant to pressurize myself into some of them as they are pretty big.

  1. Get my own Domain Name
  2. Set up an actual website
  3. Go on a makeup/beauty course
  4. Get Married
  5. Graduate From University
  6. Get my own place
  7. Get a Dream Job
  8. Have my first child
  9. Get my own dog
  10. Have a spa day
  11. Go to Disney World
  12. Go to Australia
  13. Own a HP Omen or Similar
  14. Go to a Halloween Party
  15. Get 100 followers and subs on Social Media
  16. Grow my hair long
  17. Complete a 15 pan Mac palette
  18. Get my teeth whitened
  19. Go to IMATS in America
  20. Learn to Drive
  21. Get my first car
  22. Cook my first Christmas Dinner
  23. Go to a Blogger/Youtuber event
  24. Talk in a Vlog in public
  25. Have a photo shoot
  26. Fly Business/upper class
  27. Own a proper camera
  28. Own a light box
  29. Get my own cat
  30. Stay at a fancy hotel
  31. Host my own party
  32. Own a pair of designer shoes
  33. Get 500 followers/subs
  34. Go back to America
  35. Get a personalized phone case
  36. Make a dinner from scratch
  37. Go wedding dress shopping
  38. Get my blog in tip top shape
  39. Go to Hawaii or Fiji
  40. Travel to New Zealand and visit Hobbiton
  41. Travel to Thailand
  42. Swim with Sharks
  43. Learn to scuba dive
  44. Perfect my video editing skills
  45. Own at least 10 Mac Lipsticks
  46. Go out for dinner with friends
  47. Exercise regularly for at least a month
  48. Get my nails done professionally
  49. Fully decorate a room
  50. Have my makeup well organised
  51. Get my nose pierced 
  52. Celebrate my 1st Wedding Anniversary
  53. Give Blood
  54. Have my hair done professionally
  55. Have my makeup done professionally
  56. Get into a skin care routine
  57. Ride a horse
  58. Go on the (backstage) spirit bottle tour at the Natural History Museum
  59. See Wicked on Broadway
  60. Get a canvas made
  61. Get a tattoo
  62. Have 1000 followers/subs
  63. Go to a concert
  64. Swim with dolphins
  65. Go to Mexico
  66. By something worth at least £20 with just points
  67. Organize my Social Facebook better
  68. Spend one day off my phone
  69. Have a super size McDonalds
  70. Have a Man v Food meal
  71. Make my own pancakes
  72. Visit New York
  73. Do Horror/Character makeup on others
  74. Blog everyday for at least a month
  75. Vlog everyday for at least a month
  76. Go to a Uni event
  77. Work with zoo animals
  78. Get my brows done at a Benefit Brow Bar
  79. Make up a full photo album
  80. Work with companies thanks to my Social channels
  81. Watch all four Jurassic Park Films back to back
  82. Love my body
  83. Read at least one book a month
  84. Go to a Student Shopping event
  85. Buy myself fresh flowers
  86. Reenact a childhood photo
  87. Own a Real Leather jacket
  88. Take a Selfie everyday for a year to see the difference in myself
  89. Make a cocktail from scratch
  90. Have at least 1 good hair day
  91. Go out for sushi
  92. Do some gardening (plant flowers)
  93. Be adventurous when eating out
  94. Be able to lift at least 12 kg with ease
  95. Resisting chocolate for at least a month
  96. Own a small aquarium (tropical fish)
  97. Light my first firework
  98. Complete a video game
  99. Stay Organised and on top for a year
  100. Be happy at least 1 time during everyday over the next 10 years
What are some of the things you want to accomplish in the next 10 years??
Stay Gorgeous


  1. Love this list. Knock all them out 1 by 1 and you will feel awesome. Niceeee

    1. Aww thank you...im slowly knocking them down and it feels so good stricking them out hehe x