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Mummy Update || 4

 Well we are currently T minus 15 days till our baby offically becomes a 1 year old (or 12 months). Let me just say that this journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions and life changes. I cannot believe that it has nearly been a year since we welcomed our little boy into this world, time has deffinitally flown past. Which is a concept that makes me sad when I think about it, the first 5 months were pretty much a blur. The sleep deprivation and PND really kicked my butt, to be honest I don't really remeber Christmas!

But this year will be different, we can actually enjoy Christmas as a family and I think he will love it, he has been very spoilt this year for his birthday and Christmas. But I digress, so here is a little run through of what has happened over the last month.

We have began to walk! Yes people this little man doesn't need to be bribed with food to get his legs moving. We are trying to encourage him to walk but ultimatelly if he doesn't want to we don't force him. But he is a speed demon on his walker. We have learnt to had objects over and he is even sharing some of his things like toys and dummy (yes I have indeed had a dummy shoved in my face). He has also started to reduce his morning and evening milk, his choice not ours. When they say your baby will let you know they werent kidding, the bottle gets pushed away of thrown when hes had his fill. He is pretty much sleeping through the night, with a few wake ups now and then, usually because hes looking for something and no more night poos. Honestly, those poos were the worst, just woke up and you smell it, so now we can have a family morning before the first smelly poo.

Work for me is getting a little easier, some days are tougher than others by I'm getting there. Theres still a lot I want to learn but it will take time, though I do seem to be running through it all. I've got my first weekend coming up in December, so I can add that to my belt of accomplishments. Sadly Marmite was diagnosed with cancer and went in for an operation. They removed the lump but we are just waiting on test results to find out how far it may have gone.

So that's life at the moment, hows yours going??

Stay Gorgeous


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