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Mummy Update || 3

 Well it seems I write one of these every year and I want to give you guys a little life update. It has been a while since I have written an update and a lot has happened since my last one. 

Of course mum life is hugely rewarding but also was tought at the start, I am starting to enjoy it more now but work life has been a little hectic. Back in May my Ford Focus broke down twice. The first time it was me a my son, who was only 5 months old, so he cried but we did get a lovely AA man help us up the hill we broke down on and the police shut the road, honestly it was embarressing but we were safe. After that the car was a writeoff, gearbox had completely gone and I was without a car. At the time work was tough, I couldn't do the whole 11 days on 3 days off week. So I started applying for jobs, and got invited to several interviews while also looking for a car. I ended up finding a car and getting them to replace the cambelt before I drove away with it. Life was a little bit better, and I had a second interview to one of the places I applied for. Well 6 days later my new car started to vibrate and shut off, perfect! Well guess what the cambelt caseing busted open, destroyed the belt and no car again! Back to the car hunt. After looking at several other cars we found another, a little newer and a few more added extras. But that wouldn't last long. The next day when we headed to my cousins wedding my new car overheated and broke down again! literally you couldn't make this up, I knew no-one would believe me and it was the last straw I sat there and cried. The pressures of life had finally snapped me, but we did make it to the wedding on time and had a wonderful day and my baby got to meet some more of his family. 

We got a call a week later to say the car was ready to collect, but I honestly think that our luck didn't exist as on the way home, the warning lights came on and we had yet another issue with the car. Not happy we ended up agreeing with the car dealer that we would take the car to a specilist and have it fixed. So off my car went for the second time and after a week it was finally ready to collect. So by the time the end of July came along my luck had finally changed. 

I was offered a job which ment less money on travel and more money for the work I do, my car was finally working, the luck was finally on my side. Going into work to let them know was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. I didn't want to leave, I love the work I do and the people I work with, we were a family for 3 years so it was tough. We did go out on a high, pub lunch, breakfasts and drinks. They gave me a wonderful send off and I loved the gifts they got me, especially a photo album full of memories over the 3 years. Honestly, going to miss them.

Mum life has been full of firsts which I am so happy that I have been there for. The first laugh, the first solids, the first word (sadly was dada haha), the first stand, the first tooth, the first crawl and the first step, just one but I was so proud. Honestly, he is making me so proud and happy he scuttles around so quickly and climbs the stairs (under supervision) walks around holding on the everything, opens cupboards and we even took him pumpkin picking for the first time (mine got eaten by slugs this year). Even after his op, he has been a very happy boy, though the tantrums have started. I honestly cannot believe he is going to be 1 in a months time (give or take a few days). 

We have got a lot planned for this December so Vlogmas is going to be interesting. I cannot wait to see him open the presents we have got him so far, he just makes us smile and laugh everyday. Honestly, I didn't think I would be this happy when we first became parents, but after a storm there is always a rainbow!

There was a lot of rambling but I needed to get a few things off my chest. As I write this on the train, I've been thinking to myself what's next for me. My new job is nice but it's missing something and I'm not sure what yet. But, to keep my days interesting, I think I will continue blogging. My blogging has been staile for a really long time and I haven't really done it properly since 2017. So now I have the time and a lot has changed in my life I think it's time for me to come back and do something for me.

Stay Gorgeous


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