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Products I Regret Buying || Baby Life

 So along with all the products that I think are so worth the money there are a few that I do regret getting, well at least for the new born stage. This might help a few of you new parents to be, as these some of these didn't really come in handy till later on and other were just a waste of time.

Steam Steriliser

We were given the Tommee Tippee steriliser, which we are very grateful for though honestly apart from traveling it was not really used. We used to use the Tommee Tippee bottles, which was just a pain to keep sterilising them in the machine. Our kitchen would always seem wet and damp from the steam and it would drip all the time. On top of that it also didn't have different time settings it was either on or off. In the end we switched bottles and mainly use the Mam Self Sterilising bottles as they take the time and hassle away. Though I wouldn't say it hasn't come in handy when we have stayed away somewhere without a microwave it came in handy to sterilise the bottles.

Tommee Tippee Anti-colic Bottles

These were a major pain in my butt. The shape is just wrong for a feeding new born, with its deep dip in the center it created a separation between milk near the base and the top. The Anti-colic temperature probe was a huge inconvenience to clean. Plus sterilising them in a counter top steriliser was a pain. I just prefer the Mam bottles as they are simple and easy to clean and sterilise. Though now he is 6 months the bottles haven't gone to waste, we use them for water and juice as it keeps the 2 types of bottles separate.

Pampers and Boots Nappies

Both these brands of nappies were horrendous for us. Both leaked like no tomorrow, even though Pampers promotes no more poonamis we had many when using them. They are rather pricy compared to the Asda nappies and just don't work. The Boots nappies leaked not just poo but pee as well, which was a pain when you would go through many clothes throughout the day. Honestly, I would invest my money in the Asda nappies rather than these 2.

Too Many Dummies

This is a given, but we bought several styles of dummy and although we did find the 1 we had several that went to waste. Being a newborn we needed a small dummy, which sounds simple enough but all the dummies we gad just seemed too big. Plus each dummy had a different teat, some flat some round. We should have just stuck with ones similar to his bottle teat as he lived the Mam dummies. Though for the first few months we could only use the newborn as the 0-6 was just a little too big for him. But as he's grown his preference has changed to more rounded dummies. I just wouldn't buy loads as they have their own preference and detest anything other than the one.

These are just a few things that I regret getting especially for a newborn. But nothing goes to waste and we find a use for things eventually. 

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