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After 5 months of having a baby there are a few products I couldn't live without. For those who are expecting and those with babies these might be life savers for you and a must have. 

Frida 3 in 1 Nose, Nail, Ear (£6.65)
This has been a lifesaver, though picked up later on in his time with us. It is a must, we don't use it for anything other than the boggers up his nose. We have the suckers but they are pretty much useless when it comes to boggers. He had a cold a few months back and rather than having a snotty nose it was all boggers, which kept waking him up and left us with a screaming banshee. Getting those suckers out was amazing and he calmed down quickly after. I know you shouldn't stick things up their nose but sometimes they don't dislodge themselves and they need a little helping hand.

Sweet Dreamer Ewan Dream Sheep (£39.99)
At the beginning this is all that helped us get bug to sleep. We preferred the heart beat white noise, but it does come with a variety of options and you can choose if you want the volume low or high. Along with the noise it also has a red light which seemed to comfort him to help him go to sleep. It also comes with a velcro strap tail to allow you to attach it to a cot so it is out of the way to reduce SIDS. Now he's a little older he doesn't seem to use if as much but we have it there ready for when we transition him to his own room at 6 months.

Mam Self Sterilising Bottle (£11.99 for 2)
When moving from breast to bottle we started with the Tommy Tippee Anti Colic bottles and they were OK but they started to become difficult and the shape just doesn't make sense. On top of that the steam steriliser was bulky and made our kitchen units damp. So we decided to pick the Mam bottles up and honestly they are a must have if you plan on bottle feeding. Plus the fact that the bottle splits into smaller components ensuring you can clean them effectively and microwave them to sterilise. I would never go to any other bottle now we have used the Mam bottles and their dummies are just as good.

Mam Night Dummies (£6.85 for 2)
We have tried a bunch of dummies and they usually get spat out but the Mam ones are the only ones bug would take and actually sooth on. The shape is very similar to the bottle which is probably why he prefers them, plus like the bottles they come with a self sterilising box. The great thing about these ones though are they glow in the dark. Trust me this is a game changer when it comes to nights, as that sucker gets everywhere. Being able to see it in the dark helps when you want to sooth a baby which is starting to stir. It buys us some extra hours of much needed sleep.

Travel Cot
As he is getting a bit bigger he has already out grown his moses basket. Plus I wanted a travel cot for when we go away anywhere, which will come in handy for when we visit Somerset. The cot we picked up was second hand from Facebook which was never used, so we couldn't say no. Plus this travel cot comes in a handy travel bag and allows for co-sleep with the drop side. This has been a lifesaver for getting us all upstairs in the bedroom, as we can easily grab him for his night feed and put him back again after. Definitely one of the best purchases.

Asda Little Angles Nappies
When it comes to nappies we have tried them all and the only ones that come close to the little angels are the Sainsbury's nappies. All parents will experience a poonami blow out and they are not the nicest especially if that nappie can't contain it. I have been covered in poo and a lot of wee when using other nappies and it is not pleasant. These nappies are a god send, fit wonderfully and never had a leakage (except when moving out of smaller nappies). For the first 2 sizes you get a wonderful yellow stripe which changes to blue when dampness is detected. However, it doesn't always change when there is dampness or poop so don't filly rely on it. As they move up they get pictures like chicks and hedgehogs. We love these nappies and will be sticking to then from now on.

These are some of the must have products that we couldn't live without, that have made our lives so much easier.

Stay Gorgeous

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