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Mummy Update || 2

We have reached the 6 month mark and oh my how much he has grown. I feel we have come a long way since the last update and I am a lot happier. Firstly he sleeps through the night which is amazing, a lot more sleep all round. He also seems to communicate more with different sounds, no more constantly crying which has helped me mentally. I love waking up to babble and smiles rather than the screaming we used to have.

We have also started weaning, which is definitely a journey. To start we pureed veg and fruit, moving on to a few more solid and chunky bits. Out of all the foods he has tried cauliflower is not one for him. He's also starting to drink water with food which sometimes is hit and miss.

On top of all this I went back to work. This was huge, being away from him for so long but I did it and I think it was good for me. It gave me a bit of a break that I needed but balancing work and life is still a bit of a struggle. For 2 days a week he stays at his grandparents for the day, he seems to enjoy it but the first time I did it, my car broke down on the way home. Let's just say breaking down in the road, during rush hour with a baby is not fun. Unfortunately I did have people shout abuse at me but there were some nice people. A wonderful AA man stopped and towed me up the hill and even tried to get my car started. Sadly it didn't start but he did try. 

Overall not too bad this month, onwards and upwards.

Stay Gorgeous 


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