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Huda Beauty Naughty Palette || Review

It has been a while since I wrote a makeup review post but here I go. I have wanted this palette for a while and before Christmas it was on offer and well who could resist a half price palette. Currently retailing for £58 on Cult Beauty in is in the higher end range of beauty products. However, it is well worth the purchase especially so if you can get it for cheaper.

Firstly, like all Huda Beauty palettes it comes with a large mirror and is full of beautiful shades. The packaging is a red leather style, very professional looking though still plastic. It is a large palette so it isn't super easy to travel with but I still would. The shades are more on the warmer side, with a lot of redish tones. These include matte, shimmer/ pressed pigment, swerl shimmer and 1 gloss shade. The gloss shade is very daring for me and one I will probably not use as I already get oily eye lids. But the palette is very versatile. You can create beautiful day looks to very dramatic night looks, I just love the selection.

The consistency of the powder is also one that I associate with the brand. The shades feel very smooth and creamy, and blend into the skin beautifully. You can go very light and subtle and build the colour up, allowing for the development of an eye look and making it very easy to turn the day look to night. The swirled shades are very different from her other previous palettes. These shades combine 2 different shades almost imitating a marble effect. These shades are very pigmented and hold a lot of shimmer, I love using them to highlight my inner corner or the center of my eye. Again these shimmers/pressed pigments are very buttery and blends beautifully not leaving any horrible chuncks behind like some products. The lasting power as well with these shades are amazing. Honestly I love the shimmers they last so long and keep your eyes looking large and bright, with no fall out.

I always rave about the Huda Beauty palettes but honestly I wouldn't want to spend my money on anything else. They are by far one of my favourite eye shadow brand, the consistency between palette to palette has not faltered. It is definitely a must have and the shade range is perfect for the autumn/winter months and the festive season.

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