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Pregnancy Update

This will be the last pregnancy update as baby was born on the 6th December even though his due date was 11th!!!

Since the last update we have has pressure and pain in my nether regions, cramping, back pain and more Braxton Hicks. But so far no signs of him arriving. We attended an antenatal class at the end of November and it was so eye opening. It gave us a lot of infomation to think about and was so much more informative then what they used to be. We were told it be a lot of breathing exercises and labour information, bit it is so much more we learnt about predator, labour, birth and what happens after birth. From being in the hospital and at home, this has made us more prepared for his arrival and honestly made us a little more calmer and confident about looking after him. 

This week we had a very progressive labour. On the 6th December my waters broke and by 10pm he was out and with us. I cannot tell you how immensely happy and over joyed we are to have welcomed him into the world. Honestly, it was rather straight forward in terms of how the labour progressed but it didn't come easily, but I cannot believe this tiny bundle of joy is finally with us after 9 long months.

This journey has come to an end and although I'm going to miss it, I cannot wait to start the next. This is all so new now and I cannot wait to share our journey into parenthood.

Stay Gorgeous 

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