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My Labour Story

As I write this, I am sitting in a hospital bed alone, partly exhausted, bleeding but as happy as I could be. I cannot believe what my body has just achieved and I cannot stop staring at my son sleeping peacefully next to me. What I'm about to tell you is a bit tmi but probably one of the best days of my life, you have been warned.

On the 6th December at 2am I woke up to the though of needing the toilet, I managed to get the light on like I normally would do a felt liquid escaping. I felt it and relised it did not smell like pee but something sickly sweet, that's the moment I knew it was my waters breaking. I threw the covers and pillows off my and the gush started, calling Bruce next to me to get up and grab towels. This was it the moment I was looking forward to but not knowing at all what to expect. I called the delivery suit where I would be due to give birth to let them know my waters had gone. I was told to wait out for contractions and come back if the were 1 minute long for 4 to 5 minutes. Well let me tell you those suckers started and got so much worse. By 6am I called the midwife service as my contractions had reached the optimum time and they were as painful as nothing I could have imagined. I sadly has back labour which felt like I had been hit by a car every time I had a contraction and they got worse over time. By the time I made it to the hospital, I was contracting every 3 min for 50 to 60 seconds at a time and the pain was so bad I couldn't help but scream. 

I screamed through every contractions until they finally got the epidural in, honestly the best thing ever invented. Although it took several attempts to get the needle in the right place and fighting through contractions, being rude and shouting at everyone. Once that epidural hit the pain had gone and the contractions were fine. Honestly gas and air great but I was drowsy and the back labour was not touched. I mean it got to the point I threw up all over the floor but I was so happy to have the epidural. Breathing through contractions was great, it didn't cost me much energy and I could rest in between, and apparently I was progressing perfectly by the text book. So by 730pm we were 10cm dilated and mooing though contractions. I learnt this technique from dulas on tiktok and probably the best advice as it helps naturally push your body along with out forcing it. By 830pm it was time to push and this is where my rage and scared monster reared its ugly head again. The epidural is great for pain but not for pressure and my god babies cause a lot of pressure. I couldn't help but panic, scream and nearly pass out, by the end I had Bruce, 3 midwives and a doctor in the room telling me to keep pushing, and trust me the pressure and pain of passing a head through your hoohaa is no joke. I went from big long pushes to short ones to occasional long ones when allowed. I was so close to having forceps, they were there ready as baby was in a little distress. When they told me that I was panicked and scared but I knew I had to just push to get him out safely. By 10pm he was here and out and straight in my arms.

20 hours from when my waters broke our little man was now in this world and he was literally the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I even finally got to see Bruce happy cry seeing our son come into this world, he even cut the cord. It seems weird he was lightly cleaned but with a bit of residue left and I still could not stop kissing him. After birth goo smells very similar to the amniotic fluid so it wasn't to bad plus it kinda crusts up so it's not really goo. Honestly him in my arms was all I have wanted in the last month, and I am so happy it all went relatively smoothly. Now out however, it was time to pass the placenta and I chose drugs, I couldn't spend more energy passing that so drugs and 5 to 10 minutes later it was out. As I wanted to breastfeed, we tried latching and we did it and this boy has food on the brain. He did keep coming off but once he was on he was chowing down. But, at the same time they had to check me for tearing, this by far was the most uncomfortable thing, it was sore and I knew it was bloody. After I was told I had two grazes and one 2nd degree tear which had to be stitched up. Luckily I was still hooked up to the epidural so I had a couple pumps of that and gas and air while the stitched. Once that was all done we had food and drink while Bruce held baby boy, and it was then baby's turn for his check ups. Weighing in at 7lbs 11oz and measuring 51cm he was beautiful and he was even brave when he got his vitamin k jab. After he was back on me for a feed and then it was my turn to have a pamper and wash the blood and sweat from my body. Epidural gone I was finally able to walk around and it is by far the weirdest experience of my life. Your body is suddenly empty with this pouch at the front but it makes walking very strange indeed. Your whole sense of gravity shifts and its hard to get your barings, but that shower was just what I needed, however the blood was a lot and a bit of a shock.

Once out baby boy was put in a cot and we were off to the ward, and Bruce couldn't stay. This was by far the most scariest and anxiety filled moment of my life. New born, only me, alone in a hospital. With the exception of a 30 mins sleep on and off I was awake pretty much till 8am when Bruce was due in. The night was a little scarey at first he cried as he wanted feeding, I thought he finished put him back and he started back up again 5 minutes later. Out he came back on the boob until he fell asleep and didn't want it any more, so back in bed. He was a little cranky but with in a minute or 2 he finally settled and was asleep till 8am. Watching him sleep is my favourite thing, they don't tell you new born like to do random movements in their sleep. Every now and then his arms would shoot up in the air then come back down and he is constantly making little noises. The worse one was the dream cry, I wonder if he is reliving the birth only a few hours back but it's so sad, but he then settles and off to sleep he goes. During my time here though, I still had bleeding and pain and had to officially pee by myself. This doesn't sound hard but after giving birth, tares and stitches it's a little delicate down there and the first pee was long and burned, also full of blood, the 2nd pee an hour later was a little more easier once I knew what to do, but still bloody and I had some pain. But never fear the hospital staff finally gave me paracetamol and ibuprofen for the pain.

Once morning was officially upon us me and little man were both checked out before we could officially leave the hospital at 2 in the afternoon.

Now home I can honestly say that is a life changing event which I wouldn't want any other way.

Stay Gorgeous 

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