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I Just Want to Say...

This post is to say a few things to my son, my partner and myself.

To My Son

I wanted to take the opportunity to write a letter to my son, so he always knows how loved he is.

I want you to know that you are not a pandemic baby, even if the world says you are. Know that regardless of what was going on in the world you would have always been bought into this world. I cannot explain how happy you make me, regardless of the restless nights, nappy changes and tears. You really took me on one wild ride when you came into this world, 5 days early, with a 20 hour labour which I screamed at people and told everyone I couldn't do it. But I did and it was so worth it, you don't know how close we were to forceps but your daddy, 3 midwives and a doctor helped me through it. My first night with you was scarey I'm not gonna lie being on my own with you I was scared of what would happen and if I could cope but you were amazing. Once we figured out how long to breastfeed and the ques you were done you slept so peacefully next to me. I miss you wriggling inside me but having you on the outside is so much more amazing. You made us parents and you made my heart grow, I cannot wait to see you grow and build your personality baby boy. But always remember you are so loved by everyone and I will never forget the day you made us parents.

To Bruce

I wanted to write this to you to show how much I love and appreciate you. This is a huge new chapter of our lives and I am so glad to be experiencing all this with you. You have given me so much over the years we have been together, you have been my rock, my love and now the father to our beautiful baby boy. I saw you fall in love with our son the moment you looked at him and my heart grew seeing that, I knew that you would be a great dad just seeing you with him, it will be by far one of my favourite moments of my life. When times have been tough you have always been there for me, right there by my side giving me support and love. Even when I was at my lowest you stuck it out and now we are here. You have taken on parenthood like a fish outta water and it makes me smile how much you touched the bump and love our son. I want you to know that even on the bad days, the rough day, the days that I am moody and grumpy, I love you. 

You are everything to me and our son, we love you to the moon and back. You are funny, loving and make us smile everyday. And I just wanted to say that all the mushy stuff aside I wouldn't want life any other way.

To Myself

 I wanted to write an appreciation post to myself and all the pregnant people out there, as there are gonna be days where you hate the way you look especially after the baby is here. I wanted to remind myself of how far I have come and what my body has accomplished, as you did it mama.

You should be proud of where you are, how far you have come and what your body has achieved. You have created life, YOU! Your body managed to develop a small human bean, keep him happy, healthy and safe. You got to feel that little bean move and grow, then you got to bring him into this world, although a tough journey you did it. The stretch marks and loose skin are just symbols of the life you produced making the world a more wonderful place. The pain is only temporary and it can be hard but you can do it, you can do anything. Remember that you are not alone, your family and friends are always around to lend a hand, and this time in your life has shown you who can really step up and show you they are here for you. Along with the hundreds and thousands of mamas before you and the many more to come, we will all walk this journey together. I am proud of our body and I love the fact that it has created life and I love it more than I ever did. Being pregnant then begin a mum has made me really appreciate my body and what it has managed to do and what my mental health has been able to deal with. We have been through so many tough years and grown every time, we have managed to deal with everything that has come our way and not given up. This journey we embarked and the next chapter in our live is going to be magical and we will learn to love our body and love the new life we have for ourselves. You did it!!!

Stay Gorgeous 


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