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Getting into the Festive Spirit

It's festive season and it is now the right time to get into the festive spirit. In our house we don't start celebrating Christmas until the 1st of December. It just seems to make the festive spirit that much more special when you know that your in the festive month. This is how we get into into the holiday spirit.

Playing Christmas Songs
It is a must to play Christmas songs loud and get the house set up for Christmas. Magic is my go to music channel when it comes the the holidays, they have count downs of best Christmas songs along with a Christmas count down in the corner letting you know how many days, hours and minutes till Christmas. I love putting music on and decorating or wrapping gifts, it definitely gets me in the mood for Christmas.

Putting up the Tree and Decorations
Probably the most Christmasy thing to get you in the festive spirit. We put up our tree together but I'm in charge of the special bulbuls. We even wrap some lights up our stairs and place our Christmas sign up. Once the tree is up the presents get put underneath, we place any gifts we are transporting into a bag so we just grab and go.

Christmas Films
It is probably a must to put on the Christmas films, I even plan the films I want to watch through the festive period. Along with the TV guide of the BBC and ITV for Christmas films, Sky have some great films being released throughout the festive period. From Elf to Miracle on 34th Street it's a must to watch these Christmas films.

So let's get into the festive spirt, crack out the throws, hot chocolate and Quality Street and settle into the festive season.

Stay Gorgeous 

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