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Revolution Beauty || Review

Revolution is a rather large brand when looking online, originally known as TAM beauty as the collective it is now known a Revolution and it is home to Revolution, I Heart Makeup and Makeup Obsession. Over the last year or so I have been collecting a few products which I have been loving using.

I Heart Makeup Coconut Powder (£5.99)
This is by far the best powder on the market in my opinion and has become a staple in my collection. An affordable drugstore loose powder which smells like coconut. This powder comes in a variety of other scents and shades, but for me I prefer this scent and the colour is very light almost translucent. The powder is very fine which I what makes it one of the best powders on the market, being very fine a little goes a long way and blends into the skin nicely. I use the powder under my eyes, any where I want more highlighting and to set all of my base. It leaves the skin looking flawless and the pores almost invisible. The fact that you can pick this powder up in most places makes it easier to get your hands on. I would highly recommend picking it up as you will not be disappointed.

Revolution Soap Brow (£6) and Pro Brow Pencil (£6)
The soap brow seems to be in still and I had to give this a try. The packaging is a little cheap feeling but still looks really nice, and inside is a translucent soap like product, a brush and mirror. This little kit is great for on the go, though the product is a little soft and waxy then I was thinking it would be. The brush is also a little cheap and rough, which does irritate my skin when using it. I sadly just can't get this product to work for me that well and cannot use the brush, but for £6 it is worth using if you can get it to work but I would suggest a different brush or spoolie to stop any irritation.

The brow pencil is a whole different story and is a must have for me. It feels professional and luxurious and is an affordable dupe to the Mac micro brow pencil. The pencil has a spoolie at one end and the pencil is very fine which helps fill in the brows and define them. It is available is a few shades and applies very smoothly and lasts all day. It is definitely a must have for any makeup collection.

Revolution Butterfly Lipstick in Extra Fancy (£8)
This lipstick is a very similar consistency to the Mac lipsticks without the price, and the packaging is very classic in rose gold with a butterfly ring. The shade is nude and glides smoothly on the lips, though staying power is a little lacking as the finish is more of a demi matte. It is a fun product and I definitely like the added bonus of the ring.

Makeup Obsession If in Doubt be a Unicorn (£5) and Mad About Mauve (£6)
These two palettes are really affordable and look really cute. The shadows are creamy though some do feel a little chalky, but they blend well into the skin. The blush palette I like to use as an eye shadow palette as the colour just give that romantic vibe which I like. The shadows are very light and do need some building up as blending can leave the colours being a little light. These are great for the price but do need a little more working, but a great addition to my collection.

Overall Revolution makeup is a great overall brand for affordable makeup which give off a highend feel. I highly recommend this brand and there will be something there your you.

Stay Gorgeous 

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