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Pregnancy Update

So we have just had our 36 week scan, well technically 35 weeks and 2 days baby is perfect size, weight and position for birth and the placenta has moved a bit more. The scan was alright, though we waited over an hour from our appointment to be seen. But it was worth it to see our little boy again, plus she confirmed he is in fact a boy showing us his bits once more. As that was our last scan, the next time we head to the hospital is to welcome our son into the world. Unless we encounter any issues, so we have exactly 4 weeks and 2 days till our due date. 

We also had our midwife appointment where we checked baby's position and heart beat as well as my weight and the baby's engagment. We also discussed my birth plan which honestly is a little overwhelming as it could all change. Unfortunately babies make their own plan and we can just suggest what we would like, so although I have made a plan I am happy for things to change if they need to.

I am also now on my maternity leave and have all the time in the world to relax and do all the things I want to do before baby is here. I plan to spend some time for myself, finish my Christmas shopping, wrapping and labeling and on weekends visit family. With all these plans I feel I'm going to end up sitting watching Netflix and TikTok. I've reached the stage where I'm uncomfortable a lot of the time, baby movements can be slightly painful and it feels like I have a ton of pressure down below. Honestly it feels like he's gonna drop out of me, but he needs to hold on a little longer till he can turn up. So it's safe to say I get tired very quickly on my feet, on top of that the constant waking up in the night doesn't help things. So far my record has been 6 times in the night, I don't mind but it is highly uncomfortable.

Nesting is also in full swing. I have been cleaning and tidying the house as much as my energy will allow. To make things easier for me, I have started to create a list of jobs I want to achieve. This way if the task doesn't get done at least I know what I want to do so I can complete it another day. Cleaning has never been my strong suit but I am trying to make things as easy as they can be for when he arrives and honestly it's actually therapeutic getting things sorted.

That's a little update on my pregnancy so far, I think I have 1 more update planned before his due date, and then hopefully the next time I update he'll be here.

Stay Gorgeous 

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