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My Nesting Must Haves

Nesting is a common part of pregnancy especially in the third trimester, its like your mind and body are preparing for the arrival. Its like a sudden compulsion to clean and get everything organised and ready. Over the last few weeks I have been having this nesting urge and I keep seeing things I need to clean or sort out. This is a hard task as along with this nesting I still have an ever growing bump adding more weight and making it difficult to do much around the house. So nesting is a very long task and requires a few days, we'll it does for me and I have to have regular breaks. But I have been loving a bunch of products which have been helping my nesting urge.

It is a Hinch thing and one I got into when I first moved into my own home. Zoflora is definitely something I cannot live without, it adds a beautiful scent to the house and cleans perfectly. I love the winter spice and warm cinnamon scents as it reminds me of Christmas and that warm cosy feeling. I love using the concentrate I my sinks and the ready made spray on all of my sides. Plus refilling my reed diffuser with the concentrate makes the scent last longer in the house.

Flash Speed Mop
More convenience for me as I just cannot be asked to use a mop and bucket. The speed mop is really easy to use, just place the wipe on the bottom and mop away. I use it to clean my bathroom and kitchen and get through 2 wipes a go, just to get the floors clean. It's hard to realise just how dirty the kitchen floor really is but when I think about it, it's the main entrance we use. But I always feel triumphant when I clean my kitchen and bathroom floor as it looks really nice. Sadly it doesn't last clean for that long.

I love a bit of Febreze, you can spray it on furniture, clothes, carpets, pretty much everywhere to give the area of product a beautiful scent. I have been obsessed with it for my car and some of my clothes. When it comes to pregnancy, sense of smell really changes and some scents I cannot stand. One scent is my car, I dunno why but it has a strange smell to me now and I have to give it a spritz with the Febreze to be able to sit in it. As the pregnancy has gone on the scent isn't too bad but the Febreze has definitely a life saver.

Airwick Air Freshener
Just like the zoflora, the airwick air fresheners have been a must adding a beautiful scent to the house. Again I love the festive scents and am obsessed with the mulled wine scent. Literally anything remotely Christmas scented I have in my house. It just makes my house smell clean, homely and warm, especially as baby will be here in the festive period. I love this scent in manual spray, reed diffuser and automated, I think people may think I am obsessed with Christmas haha.

These are just a couple of my nesting favourites and must haves along with the usual cleaning products. What are your nesting essentials or must haves??

Stay Gorgeous 

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