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Maternity Must Haves

I have tried a few maternity products over this pregnancy and some I have loved and some I just cannot get on with but I have come up with a small list of products that are definitely a must for those who are pregnant. I started getting maternity stuff around 12 to 20 weeks and beyond, as I started to grow my bump and as things went on I just needed to change things up a bit.

Pregnancy Pillow
This is a must in pregnancy. You cannot sleep on your back or front when pregnant as it can cause major issues to your baby, and one way to help hold you in place is a pregnancy pillow. The pregnancy pillow also offers a support for your bump when sleeping. For me the full sized all around pillow has been a life saver, really good bump support, super comfy and I use the other arm to support my back when sleeping on my side. It does take up space in the bed but it is honestly the best thing I could have and my partner uses it as well, plus the pillow area helps give you more support I'd you need to sit up in bed from reflux.

Maternity Clothes
They recommend starting to pick up maternity clothes around 12 weeks, this is because you may have started to develop a bump or just need a more comfortable wardrobe as the pregnancy goes on. For me by far the most used maternity clothing I own are the maternity leggings. They are so comfy and have enough stretch that they kinda grow with you. I picked mine us at about 14 weeks and have lived in the up until now, and I will continue to wear them after baby is here to help with the postpartum. I have tried the jeans but I just find them on the uncomfortable side and getting socks on in jeans is just a no no.

I have also been loving maternity tees. There are a lot out there, from basics to really stylish ones there are a lot to choose from for all different occasions. Plus they give you enough space around your bump without feeling too tight or short. I do still try to wear some of my oversized tees but they do have a tendency to cling to the bump and ride up, and it is not a good look on me. Along with the tees, a good maternity dress is a lifesaver for special occasions. There are some really nice ones on Missguided and George and they just look perfect. The best part is they have extra material over the front to allow the bump to sit snuggly without the shape looking to odd. I would definitely recommend investing in 1 or 2 just so you have something to feel really nice in for special occasions, especially as the festive period is upon us.

Maternity Underwear
Nursing bras are definitely something I would recommend investing in,  especially if you are planning on breast feeding. Personally I would invest in one around 20 weeks and then get a few more nearer to the due date. The reason, they are very different to normal bras and feel very strange at first. Honestly if I didn't start early I would have found them very uncomfortable now, but I'd only invest in 1 at the start, as you will get bigger as you go further in the pregnancy. Though, I would invest in some bra extenders just to be on the safe side, as mine aren't tight but they just need loosening for comfort as my bump pushes the bra in all different way.

Pregnancy Apps
It sounds obvious but pregnancy apps have really helped me through this pregnancy and have given us a topic of conversation for me and my partner. Every week we get a new update on how baby is doing, how big he is and what is likely to change with me. On top of that one of the apps, Ovia, has an online forum for all the questions you might want to ask or know. This has been a lifesaver if I'm honest, being able to ask question when in doubt and get some really helpful feedback. Plus you see questions that you haven't even thought of and get to see all the reply and comments which give you more knowledge into your own pregnancy. I have asked questions about baby items, mental health and joined in the love train of due dates and how long to go. This app is probably my go to every morning as it gives you a little bit of info about baby everyday, even tips of exercise, nutrition and looking to the future as well as some great articles. Though this app does talk more around the US maternity system the information is still really good, plus it shows you hand and feet size of your baby and what odd animal it is the size of that week.

Belly Butter/Bio-oil
OK so this might sound strange as to why it is a must have but I have a good reason and it's not all to do with stretch marks. Yes this stuff offers to reduce stretch marks, which is great I mean I haven't had this benefit as I had stretch marks before and sadly a couple new ones have appeared but my main reason its a must have, the ability to bond. Yep I love rubbing this stuff into my bump, it helps smooth my skin but I get such a wonderful reaction form baby. He rolls and moves when I rub my belly and it really puts a smile on my face, it also makes me more happy and positive about my body. Although, I still have visible stretch marks the fact my baby enjoys it and the fact he's in there makes me so proud of my body, like I made that and he is so happy. I find it hard some days to talk to him as its a very strange concept to talk to your belly, but this interaction helps a ton for me to connect. I am constantly rubbing my bump and feeling him move. Touch is definitely my love language and I cannot help but keep touching where he is.

These are my maternity must have for new mums to be. These have definitely helped me out over this pregnancy and I will definitely recommend then again. What are your maternity must haves??

Stay Gorgeous

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