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It Cosmetics || Review

I have been wanting to try It Cosmetics for years and when I managed to pick up the a couple of things from Cult Beauty. I have been giving these products a go on and off for some time and wanted to review them for you guys.

Your Skin but Better CC+ (£32.50)
This is the original CC cream from it cosmetics, a supposedly full coverage correction cream in a pump bottle. The product does look and free very professional and I was super excited to try it, however the shade is a little more darker than I would have hoped. It is in the lightest shade but does come off a little on the orange side on my skin and the coverage I wouldn't say is high coverage. I still can see blemishes and redness on my skin which when advertised as full coverage you don't expect to see. The formulation is also more on the demi matte side, giving the skin a slight shine to the skin. It felt like the product really clung to my pores as well, making them much more visible which again is not really for me. This is really discouraging as it advertises that it is pore minimising. I think think it's a great product if you like medium to light coverage but for me it just didn't work.

Your Skin but Better CC+ Oil-free Matte (£32.50)
This was a fail by me if I do say so myself, I decided to pick up a shade darker than the other. This is the second lightest shade and it was way too orange and dark which is highly disappointing as it was advertised as light/fair and is definitely not. The second issue with this product is again the pores minimising effect is pretty much non-existent and clings to the pores making them look so obvious especially when they are in the wrong shade and the matte effect makes it 10 time worse. I never would have though that a matte finish would be something I hated but it is with this product. The matte does dry a little too quickly and with all the other issues it just makes it a terrible product. I think if I had a lighter shade if that was even possible I might like it a little bit more than I do. Sadly though this product is just not for me.

Bye Bye Pores Powder (£24)
This is actually a product from It Cosmetics which I do like, though there are some downfalls for this powder. Firstly the packaging is really nice and looks professional, though I do wish you got more product for your money. The powder feels smooth on the skin and blends in really nicely, although it may blur some pores I can still see them present on my face. The only downside to this powder is the fact that it oxidises on the skin. I struggle with some products oxidising on the skin and this powder, although translucent, does turn slightly orange over time. But it is still a really nice product to use, more beneficial for me in the summer months when my skin gets a bit of a tan, but I cannot wear it all day as it will get darker.

Overall I'm afraid that this brand just doesn't do it for me. I do want to try more of their products but I wish they did more shades then they do as the lightest shade is still a tad to dark for me.

Stay Gorgeous

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