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How to Use the Foil Quill Freestyle Pens

The Foil Quill is a fun little gadget that allows you to foil a variety of projects including leather and wood. The starter set comes with 3 sizes of quills, which can be used to add fine detail and block colour. The foil quills are USB operated and just need to be plugged in and left for a minute or 2 to allow the element to heat up. Being a heated tool it needs to be used carefully to ensure no injuries occur and they should be unplugged when not in use.

The kit comes with a fine point pen, standard point and bold point, however you can purchase further types of pens such as calligraphy point. The kit also comes with 3 colours of foil, silver, gold and rose gold as well as a reel of washie tape. I love using the pen to write with I cards and on tags adding beautiful details. Using darker cards really makes the shine pop out.

First step as mentioned before is to decide on the project and size of the point you want, I prefer the standard point. You will also need to decide the colour of foil you would want to use. Once decided you will need to cut out the foil to the correct size. If writing in a card I use a piece to the correct size of the card, but smaller projects require smaller sections. Once cut out place on the card or project and fix with washie tape on the sides ensuring the foil is flat and tight. Any ability to crease and the foil can ruck up and deform your project.

Now your set up you can create your design. Take your time when designing and don't worry about mistakes, all art has a minor mistake that's what makes it unique. If you have a specific design you want to create, you can sketch it out on tissue paper and draw over the paper on to the foil. The tissue paper is thin enough to transfer the heart though I do recommend going slowly just to ensure the heat does transfer to the foil. I have tried tracing paper and parchment but neither work that well. 

Once you have created your design it is now time to remove the foil. I peel off the washie tape first and then slowly peel the foil off. This will reveal your design and the foil will have empty spaces where your design has come from. If you have more foil areas on the foil and want to add more you can, until your finished and satisfied.

That's it, you have now made a personal design using the foil quill freestyle pens. They are really simple and easy to use and great for adding a little something special to a design. It is great for the up and coming festive month adding that personalisation to all your gifts and cards.

Stay Gorgeous 

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