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As I am writing this I am currently 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant and the Braxton Hicks have been varied and uncomfortable. This post has been pre written, as when this is up I will be 35 weeks and 2 days, it just fits into my schedule if I pre-write and film while I can. This post is all about the products we have bee gifted or bought for our beautiful baby and might help give you a few ideas on what to get for your own.

Pram and Car Seat
We were lucky enough to receive the pram travel system as a gift and an extra car seat second hand from a friend, as a travel system is rather expensive. We decided to get a pram which would work with the car seat we picked up to make things easier for us. The reason we decided on a travel system instead of just a pram as we have two cars are wanted to be able to install both car seats into our cars incase either of us we out without cars without the other. We also added an extra is fix base, which by far is so easy to have when installing your car seat. The base allows the seat to be secure in the car but have the ability to allow the car seat to be removed without disrupting the security in the car. If you have the isofix in your car or can install it, it is definitely the way to go.

Crib and Moses Baskets
Again we were kindly gifted both the cot and the moses baskets for our little one. Deciding what is best is very difficult and we were choosing between next to me cribs, moses baskets and cots. As babies should be housed in your room for the first 6 months we had to decide on the price and the space we had in our room, what won us over to moses baskets was the price. The Next to me crib was way to expensive for the length of time we are going to use it. So we settled for moses baskets which we love and we now have two so we can keep one in our room and one downstairs. The crib we chose is one of my favourite things as it is fully adjustable and can be converted from a baby bed/toddler bed to a first bed for up to 6 years old. This allows us to have the space for his own bed, but gives us the time to figure out when he will have a big boy bed, lessening the cost I  the long run.

Baby Monitor
This is one of the important things to get for your baby if not for peace and mind. I don't plan on leaving him alone for a while but I wanted to ensure that I had a monitor ready for when we do. The monitor was kindly gifted to us and allows up to view our baby in the dark as well as light, it records the temperature in the room, allows you to talk through the monitor and play songs. The monitors also a good size and the camera is a good quality being a more affordable price compared to some others.

Baby Clothes
This I would try to avoid yourself, as family and friends will buy you a lot but I would recommend buying a variety of sizes. New born clothes are great but it is a good idea to buy 0-3 and 3-6 and any more larger sizes you would like. This is because babies grow out of things quickly and you may find that your baby is on the larger size and newborn clothes just won't last that long. Sleepsuits are a great must have especially zip up ones with feet and mitts built in.

Snowsuit (winter babies)
According to the NHS website if your baby is due in winter they require you to have a snowsuit for your newborn. This is incase it is extremely cold and snowing when you have your baby. I wouldn't go to overboard with how many you buy as they will only be worn a handful of times. But if your baby is due in winter grab yourself one just in case.

Muslin Cloths, Blankets and Swaddles
You can never have enough cloths for clean up, great for any spit ups and can also be used to cover your dignity in public if your breast feeding. I have picked up and received a bunch, which are going to be so handy and used for a variety of things like washing, spit ups and burping. Some muslin cloths come in larger sizes for swaddling as well which make them even more versatile. Along with blankets especially cellular blankets are good as they allow the heat to escape.

Baby Essentials
Lastly baby essentials such as nappies, wash products, wipes and nappy creams. We have picked up size 1 and size 2 nappies for the just incase, I don't think he will be big enough for the 2s just yet but I've got them ready for when he does. A good nappy cream is a must to ensure no nappy rashes and sore bums along with some wipes to clean up all the messes. I also picked up some wash products so we can wash baby and get him used to a routine and it will be a great way for us all to bond. For some dummies might not be essential but they are for using we picked up a couple which come with a sterilising container.

These are just a few things that we have picked up or have been gifted which I'm glad we have. We are now just counting down the weeks and days till he is finally with us.

Stay Gorgeous 

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