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Pregnancy Update

We are currently 32 weeks and 5 days pregnant and we have recently had another scan of our little man.

So far in this third trimester, I either cannot sleep or I can stay asleep and be constantly tired. Basically after 2pm I am ready for bed, along with the constant need to pee every time I get up. Well getting up is just as hard, if I'm on my own I cannot lounge as I will not get up again. I am rounder and heavier, but I know that's just our little man growing in there and everyday so far he has been doing somersaults and kung fu. I love feeling him moving around, it makes me feel closer to him and know that he is happy in there, along with the hiccups that seem to happen on a daily basis. The only thing that hasn't been an issue as of yet is waking up for the movement. So far I have woken up once with his hiccups and movements, generally when he gets hiccups, he will be still for a bit and then start moving around, I don't think he is a fan of them. The other new thing that has been happening is the Braxton Hicks contractions. In general they are not as bad as I was expecting (so far), they cause a tightening in my abdomen turning it into a rock. They last 30-60 seconds and just happen randomly throughout the day, this is my body's way for practicing of what is to come. It is funny to see though as every time it happens you can see where he is as he protrudes a bit. It makes my stomach look deformed, but he wriggles around and it seems to go. I did have a stronger episode, which lasted about 30 minuets with a few Braxton Hicks thrown in. We tried rubbing the bump, walking around, sitting in different positions and drinking water. Honestly it wasn't painful just super uncomfortable, and after I was exhausted. If this is just the practice ones god knows what the real ones are going to be like. 

The midwife appointments are going well, so far he is measuring perfect and all the tests are currently good, which is a weight off my mind. Every time we go in we get measured and I get to hear him, which I love and he always wiggles around. The hospital appointment was good, and the best news we got was the placenta has finally moved enough that we can try to birth our son vaginally. He was however, being very stubborn and would not show us his face,  as he is currently down pushing against the exit, but they did finally manage to get the head measurements to get a good reading of what he weighs. He is weighing on the large side of normal and his growth is great, but we have another scan in 3 weeks to assess his weight again and if he's a little too big I'll need another diabetes check, but I'm sure it will all be OK. Though, now it is the thought of knowing I will have to try getting a baby out down there and if is slightly terrifying haha. After the scan though I was rather uncomfortable and the next day he was thrashing around a lot that I felt sick. But honestly I'm glad he is OK and on his way.

The strangest thing is that even though we are getting closer to the end I don't feel like I am. I keep seeing videos of women talking about being 29 weeks, 30 weeks and think to myself oh to be there. But I'm further on then that, it's hard to really think that in a little over 7 weeks my baby will be here in my arms. We are both truly excited and cannot wait for our little boy to be here. 

Stay tuned to the next update

Stay Gorgeous


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