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Huda Beauty || Review

It has been a long time since I did a review and what better review to write than a Huda Beauty review. What is even better is that all the products in this post were found in TK Maxx, literally my go to place for highend makeup at an affordable price. Unfortunately, I don't spend enough time with my makeup these days but I'm hoping to have a few days here and there before enjoying it again. But I still love it, and just had to write a post about these beautiful products.
This is one of the smaller palettes Huda has produced and I think one of the first smaller palettes to come out. The packaging is very sleek, and flips up reviewing the palette and a mirror. All the colours are a shimmer, in a variety of shades, ranging from blue, green to purple and orange. The consistency of the shadows is very creamy and bendable, it can easily be built up without looking chalky. Honestly her shadows are one of my favourite to use, this palette is no exceptions and finding it for only £14 at the time was a complete bargain. If you love a good shimmer shadow I would recommend this palette, I mean if you want a great shadow palette any of hers are a must have.

Firstly the images do not do it justice, the lip gloss is a shimmer deep purple shade, called Moody. The packaging is sleek and I love the holographic colour, and the use of the lips on the packaging are super cute. The tube itself is sleek an professional and the production the inside smells amazing, like vanilla. The product is more of a gloss for my liking, but it is designed to be more of a topper than a gloss. It adds that bit of definition and shine to a normal lip look, the product is also a little sticky for my liking, but I managed to pick it up for £5. I feel it maybe great for some but for me it's more ideal in my fx kit than my usual makeup kit.

Right of the bat I cannot believe I found these in good old TK Maxx and only for £6, bargain. These colours are also super cute, I picked up the shades Game Changer (pink nude) and Revolutionnaire (dark nude). Just like the lip strobe, the product is in very sleek boxes and tubes, along with a vanilla scent. I much prefer the demi matte and matte lip stick, as I find too much gloss is sticky and transfers everywhere. This formula is a semi matte, which leaves the lips with a very slight shine which is not too over powering. Honestly some of my favourite lipsticks out there, again if you spot these in your local TK Maxx grab them, you won't regret it and they will soon become your go to lipsticks.

Overall I cannot fault Huda Beauty enough, it is my must haves in my makeup collection. From foundation to lipstick there are plenty of great products produced by this brand and so far all are must haves.

Stay Gorgeous

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