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It's that time of year where the ghosts and ghouls come out to play, one of the last events before the run up to Christmas. It is one of my favourite times of the year and I wanted to share a few things we are doing this year to get into that Halloween spirt.
Yes pumpkins, the typical Halloween thing. For us this was a well planned venture, as we grow our own, and this year it is bigger than ever. We plant out pumpkin seeds in June and grow them through till about mid October when we harvest. Pumpkins all though tough don't start that way, and can be very delicate during the growing process. Ensuring your pumpkin is safe and secure during the growing process is key, placing it on a raised platform will help reduce the chance of rot. It is ideal to keep your pumpkin on the vein as long as possible, and only remove from the vine when a tap to the skin sounds hollow and feels firm. Once picked however, you need to leave it in the sun for at least a week to continue to firm. However, be warned of frost, if you have picked your pumpkin you'll have to bring it in before the first frost, as frost can cause rot. Once inside store in a dry cool place and it should last till Halloween.

For this year we decided to plant Atlantic giant seed, one of the biggest species of pumpkin. Although, I would have loved a prize winner, I don't have a green house to house it in but it came out really well. We managed to grown a beautiful 27kg pumpkin and we are looking forward to carve it and hopefully use some of the inners for dinner.

Pumpkin carving is serious stuff, and can come in a variety of styles. From simple faces, intricate details or beautiful carved scenes, it is all up to you. For us we cheat a little and print out a design we like and carve away. Always be careful when carving and help little ones so no injuries occur.

This year we went all out, we have a wreath for the door. We picked it up from TK Maxx last year and finally have a chance to use it. I love the cute little pumpkins surrounding it, it really adds a bit of character to the outside of the house. Along with the wreath, we decided to get one of those motion/sound activated decorations. Just to add that extra scare this year in the form of a bat. This is probably the coolest decorations we own which is not connected to Christmas. At an affordable price these animatronics add a great effect to your Halloween home at night.

Sweets are the key for any trick or treaters. Sweets don't have to break the bank either, just a bag of chew sweets are perfect. We picked ours up at Aldi and the best thing about buying Sweets is you get any left overs.

If your not into the trick or treaters knocking on your door, my tips are to shut the curtains and switch the lights off. If you need a light on put the hall light or some fairy lights on and put on a scarey movie. Now it doesn't have to be anything too scary or gory if your not in too that there are some fun Halloween films great for the whole family. Currently Sky have just released Monster Family 2, which you can watch with your little ones.

However you celebrate Halloween this year, make it one to remember.

Stay Gorgeous

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