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Things I Have Learnt in Lockdown

The world is a funny place at the moment. It is weird to think that I came into 2020 thinking what the year held for me. The last 4 years have been a real roller coaster and like nothing I could have imagined. Last year saw some of my biggest milestones, I got a job which I love in a place I wanted to work in for years. I got a car and have been driving ever since, I celebrated my 10 year anniversary with my partner and we finally bought our own home and moved out. Basically 2019 I became a total adult. So who knew what 2020 was going to hold, well certainly not what eventually happened. In the mess that has eventually taken over, I decided to try new things in this lock-down.

Drying your hair with a tee

Yes this actually works way better than an towel. Like what! So I took an old tee and just used it to squeeze the hair and pull out all the water. Now I thought it was a gimmick so I did the same with a towel and my hair was way more damp then using a tee. Seems like such a random hack but it has changed my hair game for good and my hair dries way quicker.

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Baby oil to shave those legs

So I saw this hack and thought, smoother legs definitely for me. Now this hack takes time, your legs won't be smooth straight away. In fact mine were lumpy and not loving it. I mean it could be that I used a new shaver head or the fact I never moisturise. But after the third or fourth time my legs became smooth and soft. My legs don't feel dry and its basically moisturising your legs while your in the shower. The best part of all is that the oil does seem to keep the razor going for a little longer. Don't think it only works on legs either, I use facial oil when shaving my face. Literally the best change in shower routine.

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Shampoo the scalp and condition the ends

OK so this is probably the most used hack and it supposed to be really good for your hair. Everyone and their mother does this it seems, but not me. Until now, and it seriously saves me product and has actually been really beneficial to my hair. I suffer with oily skin, its no surprises that my scalp is oily as well. Adding more moisture to it isn't be best but that's what I was doing stripping moisture from my ends with the shampoo and adding more to my scalp with the conditioner. I didn't realise you don't need to do your whole head for everything. Just shampooing my scalp has done wonders for the oil build up. I don't get greasy as quick and can last a few more days with out washing it. Focusing more conditioner on the ends of my hair has really improved its quality as well. My hair is servery damaged from colouring it all the time and moisture is a must for the Bush on my head. Since concentrating the conditioner on the ends it has improved the look and doesn't seem to be as dry as it was before. So always shampoo the scalp and condition the ends (unless you have been rolling around outside then maybe wash it just incase haha)

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Horticultural is not my strong suit

I love flowers and I love the fact I have them in my garden. I have bought so many, I love the smell and the look just a healthy garden. Its great for the wildlife, but they are demanding and need attention. I forget the water them and protect them from frost. Luckily my partner is happy to do the gardening so hopefully he knows more what he's doing than me.

A lick of paint makes all the difference

I decided to take on the task of painting my kitchen cabinets. Originally my cabinets were a warm dark wood and just made the kitchen look a little dated and worn. The metal work was antique and the kitchen just looks stuffy and small. So painting the cabinets, cleaning the tiles and putting on new metal work, it has transformed the kitchen. It looks bright and new the only thing left to do now is eventually paint the walls but it's looking good. But my god it wore me out and was rather back braking, but well worth it.

Productivity from the start

I am definitely more likely to get things done in the morning than any other time in the day. I can clean the house, work from home and do a bit of painting all before 12. I have so much energy and motivation it has to be utilised. The same cannot be said for the afternoon. Turns out if I don't get stuff done in the morning I won't get anything done. It sounds bad but knowing when you are more productive has been key for this lock-down, as you can get work done without it being a struggle. 

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With things starting to change in the world, and a new way of life starting. These new things are definitely things I will be sticking with and trying to do more. For me it's back to work, but this break has changed me. It has given me a spark back, like I've restarted again. My values have changed and I want to keep doing things that make me happy and active.

Stay Safe!

Stay Gorgeous

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