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Too Faced || Review

Over the last couple of months my Too Faced collection has been growing and it is thanks to TK Maxx (you'll find a lot of my beauty posts will be raving about TK Maxx). Their beauty section is lit and can give you something new every day. But enough about TK Maxx lets get in to this review.

The last time I used this stuff was years ago, I loved it as it was the only lip plumping product that actually worked. So, naturally I have had a soft spot for this product and have been contemplating on buying it again. Well, I finally did and I don't regret it. A clear gloss that really make the lips plumper and tingle. It isn't a long lasting fix for larger lips but it does give you that plump for a while. It is the answer to bigger lips without the surgery. It is definitely worth the money and a must have, it will always be my holy grail.

Firstly, I am not a massive fan in non-matte lip products but I still gave this baby a go. It does transfer and doesn't stay on the lips that long but it does look beautiful. It is a metallic glittery purple shade which looks gorgeous on. It is definitely more of an evening lip shade and perfect for parties.

Ok so these next products aren't exactly something you could wear every day but they are beautiful. Unicorn Tears is a iridescent blue shade with pink flecks, go subtle for just a hint or the colour change or go all out and go blue. It isn't for the faint hearted but definitely is going to be a keeper. Plus unicorns are like amazing so you know I had to pick it up.

Mermaids again amazing and I'm a secret mermaid at heart. This is a topper, which means it goes over the top of other lip shades or just wear it on it's own. It is a green shade with blue and silver flecks. It looks kind of ugly by itself but has a lot of potential. For me it will be more useful in my sfx kit then in my every day makeup. But still, gotta love mermaids.

We are back at it again with the unicorns. This time we have their lip lacquer in latex form. Now it's gonna sound strange but when I read latex I thought it was going to have the finish a bit like latex, you know like the leather look lipsticks. But no, it is actually latex (as in SFX)! I know that latex isn't too harsh on the skin if you wash it off properly but as an everyday makeup thing, I'm not so convinced. The shade is a beautiful almost holographic shade similar to liquid lipsticks, just much more sticky. It drys after a few minutes and sets like latex, so should last all day. The only downside I have with it though is the setting as it gets tacky and is a pain to get off. Just like liquid latex the drying time is longer then that of a regular lipstick and can get a bit messy. I put it on my wrist and it took me 5 minutes to get the stuff off. In theory it will last a long time on the lips but in reality it is going to take a lot of precision to get it right. Still though great sfx product.

I do love Too Faced and cannot wait to try more of their products. Plus Too Faced are currently are having a sale on their products. There are some great deals to be had, the Melted Latex Unicorn Tears is now only £9.

Stay Gorgeous

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