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Huda Beauty || Review

I have been meaning to write this review since Christmas and just haven't got round to it, but here we go.
If love can be found in a makeup palette then this is it. When I saw this online everyone was raving about it, saying how beautiful the shades were and how unique the pigments were. It always seems like a lot of hype when a new palette comes out and I wasn't completely convinced on this palette. Hearing so much great stuff about the palette, I caved and had to pick it up. And let me say that the comments weren't wrong, this palette is beautiful. Perfect blend of natural nude matte shades along with 2 glitter shades and 4 beautifully blended pigments. The shades feel creamy and blend like a dream, a great palette that will work for both day and night. It is on the pricey side but completely worth it.

I am a girl who loves high coverage, it covers blemishes, redness and uneven skin tones, working well for oily skinned makeup lovers. This concealer is just that, a high coverage concealer that blends into the skin great. I picked up two shades recommended to me through the pick sheet on the Huda Beauty website (based on foundation shade). Now, this is where is got a little disappointing, the lightest shade, supposed to be for highlighting, was way too light to the point it was white. This doesn't sound like a bad thing until I tell you that it made me look like a ghost. The second shade is the next up and doesn't leave me looking like a ghost but doesn't really give me much highlight. I wish there were a few shades between the first shade and the second just to cover those who aren't completely pure white.

Other than that the concealer is heavy duty and lasts all day. It has a thick consistency and dries really quickly, and trust me a little goes a very long way. The best part is for us oily skinned people, it doesn't oxidise so it stays the shade it starts as. Being very thick it does take time to blend it out but does leave a flawless finish. For the price I would say there is something a little better out there for cheaper, but if you have your heart set on this concealer, I would go for the conceal shade and not the highlight shade.

I love loose powder to set my makeup, it has to be transparent but it really helps set my face for long wear. So, when Huda Beauty came out with a powder and everyone raved about it I had to give it a go. Out of all these products, by far I think that this is a bit of a waste of money. The packaging is beautiful and looks really professional, the powder is transparent and fine. But it has a horrible scent, similar to the foundation but a little more stronger. Which if your already wearing the foundation, really amplifies the smell. The product isn't bad, as it does what it says and mattifies the skin and blends really well. The reason however that I wouldn't recommend it is the fact I use far cheaper products which do the exact same things without the smell at a fraction of the cost.

This one is a yes from me, a highlight palette what can be better. I love the shades and they blend on to the skin like a dream. Go lightly for a subtle look or pack it on for a punch. The 4 highlights are different shades of gold that look beautiful on all skin tones. I actually managed to find this palette in TKMaxx at a fraction of the cost, so if you spot it grab it as you won't be disappointed. There isn't anything more I can say about this product other than it is well worth the price and a must have for any makeup lovers.

This lipstick was limited edition for Christmas 2018 and I picked up the shade After Party. There were 3 glitter shimmer lipsticks and this one is a purple pink shade with a lot of pigment. These lipsticks are not matte so do transfer but look beautiful on the lips. Currently there are only 2 shades still available After Party and Cake Day (a Barbie pink glitter shade). These are perfect for a fun night out but are not long lasting so you'll have to keep topping it up. Definitely worth it though and glide on like a dream.

Stay Gorgeous

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