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Here We Go Again!

Here We Go Again!

Yeah Yeah. Another grand come back that leads to nothing, no posts, no interactions, no nothing. I don't know why I always say that I'm back for good, it seems to be a way of pushing myself to post and write when I just don't seem to feel like it. This hasn't been due to laziness but due to lack of time, let me explain.

Since I last wrote a lot of things have changed and have progressed in my life. I have now been working a full time job for over 6 months which is crazy as it feels like it was just yesterday when I started. I work with the best bunch of people and get to play with chickens on a daily, which is strange but I actually love them. Full of personality and more intelligent than they seem. But this takes up a lot of my time and as I work 11 day shifts and don't feel motivated to blog when I get home. To me right now my job is slightly more important then my blog, but that is not to say that my blog isn't going to be part of my life still. Hence this post.

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Along with work I have also managed to achieve some of my 100 Goals in 10 years such as buying my first car and getting a much better laptop which works faster for me when editing videos and photos. But one major goal which I'm hoping to cross off in the next month or two is owning my own home. 

Yep, you read that right me and Bruce are moving out and becoming official adults!

House hunting and the process of getting a mortgage is super complicated and one which me and Bruce have not done lightly. There were a lot of deciding factors which have gone into this but never the less it is an adventure and a new chapter in both of our lives. I don't want to ramble on about the in's and out's as I am going to do a few separate posts on moving and getting a mortgage. But, it is safe to say we cannot wait till all the legal stuff is complete and we can sign it off as ours. Plus I think there maybe a few empty house tours and decorating videos which may be filmed for you guys.

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So that's that, I'm going to be managing my time a lot better and maybe starting out with just a couple of posts a week to get me back into the flow again. Plus with moving and new products, I will have tones to talk about.

Stay Gorgeous

*Not actual House

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