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Where Have I Been??

It has been a long time coming back to blogging hasn't it. Taking a break just a little after Christmas, to the beginning of March. Honestly, I'm not really sure why I haven't made the effort to come back sooner, I've been up to so much and thought my first post back will be about where I had disappeared to.
Firstly, I started my new job in January and that has kept me really busy. 11 day weeks are a killer when you get to the end of it and the evenings I'm just a little too tired to blog. I'm now starting to get into a routine which has given me a few hours throughout the day to blog and switch off from work. I do like my new job, it's very interesting and hard work.

If you didn't see already, the winners for my giveaway were announced and the gifts sent off. Beff (https://beffshuff.com/) even did a Instagram story of the products when she got back from NYC. But, don't worry if you didn't win, there are plenty more on the way.

I've also gone back to blonde. I know I know it kills your hair, but trust and believe I have found hair hero's that have brought my hair back to its healthy self. I missed my blonde hair and it covers the greys well. Plus it makes me feel ready for summer.

I cannot wait for this year to roll out with holidays and days out planned, plus new product reviews, 10 year anniversary and a fun filled vlogmas.

I am back, back, back again and I cannot wait to pump out the content.

Stay Gorgeous 

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