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Well its getting to that special time of year, where we celebrate with loved ones. And for some its tradition to have stockings, though some have larger ones then others (not that size is everything haha). But, what I have been hearing over the last few days is where are the stocking fillers that don't break the bank. So here is my take on stocking fillers that won't break the bank at £20 or less and are fit for him and her.
Stocking Fillers for Him

£10 and Under
Lynx Africa Duo Set (£7)
This set is a great stocking filler, especially in our house. A set like this will last at least a few months and smells really good. All the duo Lynx sets are available, but my partner likes this scent. Currently at Superdrug it is on offer for £2.99, so even better for those on a budget.

Dove Men and Care Ultimate Wash Bag (£10)
Want something a little bit more luxurious, this Dove gift set is one for you. With its added addition of a wash bag, this set comes in handy for both travel and everyday use.

World Lager Selection (£10)
This is a perfect stocking filler for someone older (18+), who loves a tipple. With a small selection of lager, it is perfect for a stocking filler (well, if you still do stockings for adult kids or partners)

Terry's Chocolate Orange (£2)
Forget the satsuma in the stocking, this is an orange that everyone will love. When I was younger we always used to get a few satsumas in our stockings and I don't think any one really knows why. But, not everyone is a fan of the orange, I know I used to pass it to my brother. But this orange will make anyone happy, and available at a steal, it is perfect for a stocking filler.

Cadbury's selection pack (£2)
Selection boxes are a must at Christmas. There are a variety of types and sets and there is now non-chocolate alternatives. These sets remind me of Christmas when I was younger, the fun I had opening it up and choosing which to have and swapping chocolates with my little brother. These sets are a steal at only £2 for a Cadbury's set, bring back the joy of your younger days.

Discovery Build Your Own T Rex Money Box (£10)
This fun little kit is perfect for young and old, and also adds that bit of education to Christmas. This kit allows you to build your own money box and T-Rex, with the added aw with the bones shown on one side of the T-Rex. This little gift is fun for all ages and with a new age of Jurassic World lovers, this will be a hit for Christmas.

Above £10
Nivea Men Seriously Smooth Gift Set (£16)
Just like the last two sets, this one is a great smelly set to have. From shower gel to deodorant this gift is perfect for sensitive skins. This is a 5 piece set and will last for a few months to who ever you gift this too. Perfect set if you want to spend that little bit more.

No7 Men Face Trio (£16)
No7 seem to always advertise to women, but they actually do sets for men and they are an added luxury to you stocking. This trio set is perfect for that special someone who has a skin care routine. They smell really nice and I've been told that they leave the skin feeling fresh. It is certainly a luxurious gift.

Loreal Men Expert Wash Bag Set (£20)
This set is incredible for the price. This is at the limit for stocking fillers, but trust me it is cheaper than buying all these items individually. A few years back my mum picked one of these up for my partner and I never would have thought that he would use it. Mainly because I have never seen him moisturise his face, but low and behold and year or two later it is a permanent part of his morning routine. It is a great set and with the addition of a wash bag means it's great for travel. My partner loves this stuff and cannot live without it.

Nando's Trio Caddy (£12.50)
We all know that person who cannot live without Nando's, you know that one especially when they have to have all the sauces on the table to eat one meal. So, to satisfy these foodies there is a fun Nando's Caddy. This is perfect for those who have their own home or just really loves the sauce. It is perfect for any food lovers, or well Nando's lovers.

RED 5 T4 Transforming Robot (£15)
Put your hands up if you know someone who is a big kid at heart. This is one of the coolest gifts I found. This set can be made into 5 different things from bug to T-Rex. This is a very hands on gift and will make waves of entertainment in your household this Christmas. It is great for those who love tech and love to build things, and it has a solar panel on the top. This will bring out all the big kids and everyone will get involved. It may be higher priced for stocking fillers but it is well worth it.

Philips BT50 Bluetooth Portable Speaker (£19.99)
Crank up the tunes it's Christmas! This speaker really packs a punch, portable and connects via bluetooth, perfect to pay you music from your phone. It comes in a few colours and for cheaper speakers it is great. The sound is really good and the volume is great compared to a few others available for the same price. This is perfect for teens and adults to bring in the music.

Stocking Fillers for Her

£10 and Under
Doll Beauty Lashes (£10)
Beauty lovers will be all over these lashes. They are really beautiful on and very well made. They are really soft and look glamorous on. All styles are available at only £10 which will make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Ofra Highlighter Mini in Rodeo Drive (£10)
I had to add this one into the stocking fillers as it is mini but true makeup lovers will be too happy to receive it. There are several shades available in mini form and they give you glow for days. It is a great tester before you invest in the real thing, but trust me a little definitely goes a long way.

Bod Mermaid Shimmer (£5)
Recently Shimmer setting sprays have just shot off and these are no exception. A mermaid shimmer which can be sprayed all over the body will leave you with a glow. These are great size products and spray at a distance for a hint of shimmer, perfect for the party season.

Starskin Silkmud Pink French Clay Purifying Lift-away Mud Face Sheet Mask (£8.50)
I don't know about you but I love a good face mask and these are no different. I love getting face masks in my stocking, they are a little bit of luxury and pampering ready for party season. This sheet mask leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft. A perfect gift for those who love a bit of pampering.

Beauty Blender Defender (£10)
Do you have a beauty blender that doesn't have a home, that's out in the elements and collecting dust, this is the stocking filler for you. The Beauty Blender Defender is a pot specially designed to hold a beauty blender and protect it from the elements, loss and keep it from getting damaged in your makeup bag. Personally, I think that this is a must have, it keeps the beauty blender from becoming misshapen and damaged in you makeup bag. It is a great little gift and a lifesaver of the beauty blender.

Zoella Star Bather Gift Set (£10)
Now the Zoella sets sometimes aren't worth the money and can seem that like you get not much for the price. This set however, is definitely worth the price. You get a selection of bath bits great for a pamper session. Bubble baths and beautiful scents are just what the doctor ordered in this cold weather. Plus they look really luxurious, a perfect stocking filler.

Bilou Foam Lotion (£3.99)*
These products are literally the best things I have been able to use. They are fund and smell really good. Being a foam it makes showering that little bit more fun, and it definitely perfect for all ages. My favourite is the lotion as I like that fact that it is a foam it rubs in beautifully, leaving you soft and smelling sweet. The foam shower cream is very fun, though for me a little impractical, though for younger ages and teen would be a lot of fun. These are definitely worth the hype and would make a perfect piece for anyone's shower routine.

Above £10
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick (£16)
Lets get a little more luxurious without breaking the bank. These liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star are perfect for any makeup lovers collection. They come in a variety of shades and last all day on the lips. They even come in a variety of finishes, mainly matte but there are metallic finishes as well. Some of the collection also smell like root beer which is really nice. These little liquid lipsticks are well worth the price.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade (£19)
Brows are back, and they are here to stay. Why not treat them to the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow. This is a little pot of brow goodness as in my opinion the perfect product for those starting in brows. It comes in a variety of shades and is small enough for any size stocking. If you didn't know this product lasts all day long. No brows no worries.

Beauty Blender (£17)
Well you've picked up a Beauty Blender Defender, now lets fill it with a beauty blender. This is literally one of my most treasured beauty tools. Yes it is a sponge, but this sponge does wonders to makeup. It is a must have on any makeup lovers list, and comes in a variety of shades but this is the original. You can spend a little bit more and get one that comes with a cleaner, but any cleaning product is fine. They are pricey but will be used again and again.

Revolution Brow Defining Kit (£15)
These kits from Revolution are everything. For just one price you can get 4 products, 2 brushes and tweezers, which normally would cost you a lot more separately. The good thing about this set is you can give it as the set or separate the products out and wrap them individually. This means more little presents for their stocking. Revolution is such a great affordable brand and these kits are well worth the hype.

Baileys Flavor Selection (£12.50)
My final gift for stockings is this Baileys flavor selection set, which comes with two flavours and a glass. I love these types of sets and they are well worth the price. Everyone loves a tipple for Christmas and I for one love Baileys, so this is top of my list. The glass is collectable and just oozes luxury, though it is much suited for adults (18+). Hopefully Santa will surprise me with this, this year.

Here are just a few goodies you can pick up that won't break the bank but break faces in to smiles, this Christmas. All these products are interchangeable, so if you want things on each list then go for it. But remember it's not how much you spend at Christmas, it is who you celebrate it with.

Stay Gorgeous

(* where gifted to me for the purpose of this post. Opinions and thoughts are all my own) 

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