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Stila || Review

Stila is a brand which shot to the top when they produced the Kitten highlight. A beautiful duo worn wet and dry and is a complete cult classic and a huge contender in its day. It was one of the first products that I picked up that was influenced by other Bloggers and Youtubers. Since then I have been hooked on the brand and have managed to pick up a few products over the years. And with shops like TK Maxx selling Stila, it was inevitable that a purchase would be made soon. So lets get to it;

These palettes and perfect for travel and on the go looks. Designed with skin shades in mind these two palettes really do have it all. Filled with 4 eye shadows, 2 blushes and a highlight shade along with a big mirror, it is filled with a day to night look. The reason I have both shade ranges and for me personally, I like a few shades in one palette and some in the other. Which is why I would have liked it if there were 3 palettes instead of the two, just to combine a few of the shades in each palette (At the time of writing this they 4 palettes now available). Overall, these palettes look great and work really well, with the formula of the powders being smooth and bendable. Though I would go lightly on the blush shades as they can be a bit much and does take time to blend it out. 

I am a huge lover of concealer and I have strict requirements when it comes to the formula. It needs to be either creamy and glowing to add highlight or it needs to be high coverage and long lasting. This by far is up there with Mac Prolongwear Concealer, it is full coverage and really packs a punch when it lasts all day. At first glance it doesn't seem like much and it doesn't seem like you get a lot, but trust me this little guy goes a long way. A tiny amount can cover my under eye bags and any blemishes I may have. On my bad skin days this has been a huge lifesaver and a must have in anyone's makeup bag.

This foundation actually took me by surprise. Usually I go for thicker high coverage products and usually steer clear of anything with the word Aqua in it. I have oily skin and to me adding more oil or water to my skin freaks me out, but I thought I would just give this a go. Well, this really surprised me, a medium coverage foundation which corrects my skin tone and doesn't feel super wet. It drys reasonably well and the finish is a semi matte leaving a slight glow to the skin. The way the foundation is dispensed is via a pump which is really fun, and can be dropped straight on to the face or on to a brush or sponge. It blends in really well and is perfect for those no makeup natural face days.

Mermaid vibes all the way with this one. A product that was actually released with the thought of mermaids. A beautiful cream shadow which is duochrome, changing from pink to a purplish blue shade with hints of silver and green. Applied with a doe foot applicator, or transferred onto a brush or your finger, and dabbed onto the lids. Perfect for party season and the Halloween season just past, dabbed onto the centre of the lid for an extra dimension look. Definitely a must have for any makeup addicts or just mermaids/mermen in general. 

The kitten shade is one of the most sort after, and literally the shade of my dreams. I have the Kitten highlight, lip gloss and shadow, and the one that I was so desperate to get my hands on was the eye foil. Finally after years of waiting and searching, I finally picked it up at TK Maxx (for £4.99). It is beautiful, a rose gold champagne shade. It comes off as flakes straight out the pot, but does something more special when added to a small drop of solution. Mixed together it forms the most beautiful metallic cream, which can be applied on the lips, eyes and even as a highlight. Mainly used on the eye, this really adds dimension to the centre of the eye and a perfect sparkle for this festive season. A must have and one which I would buy again and again.

Stay Gorgeous

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  1. I love the look of the palettes, I've never tried Stila! xx

  2. Stila are crazy good these days and I love their glitter eyeshadows x

  3. Love those little palettes, they look absolutely ideal for travelling and the colours are so gorgeous. x

  4. The palettes are lovely, and the glitter shadows are fab


  5. I love Stila so much, those palettes look so pretty too!

    Katie x

  6. I need to try more from Stila - those palettes and the glitter eyeshadow look unreal xx
    Lovelaughslipstick ♥

  7. That eyeshadow is EVERYTHING! x