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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wear Socks At Home

All day long at our profession, we wear socks and shoes. Wherever we walk and sit outside in the real world, we’re constantly trying to protect our feet. Not only are we doing so from the cold and wet, but also from hard objects that can hurt us. So when we come home, why do we still keep our socks on? Most people will take their shoes off and just keep their socks on until it's bedtime. This means your feet are trapped almost all day long too. Our homes should be the only place we can walk around barefoot and not have to worry about being uncomfortable. Shame then, that most homes don’t actually cater for us to be able do this because homes when they’re designed for the mass market, rely on you doing the work it takes to make this a reality. So, here’s how you can get started.

Ouch! Carpet burn

Synthetic fibers are designed to be dense. However, they aren’t real obviously therefore they don’t breath unless the weave is created to do so. However, this means that for carpets that are made out of  nylon and polyester they often have one goal in mind. This is to keep as much heat bouncing upward as possible. The carpet itself may not become warm in the room but it shoots hot air from the heating system upward instead. You can imagine that this means it is dense and tightly packed together, yet isn’t very soft or dexterous. Therefore you can on occasion get some carpet burns on your bare feet. Instead, invest in a quality cotton or woollen carpet. The maintenance factor does become involved but it will be soft, keeps the heat in and won’t give you a nasty shock when or if you slide on it.

The biting cold

The kitchen should be a place where you can sometimes hang out. Buy a couple of barstools and you can have a nice chillout area. However, normally in most homes, you have flooring that is sadly too cold to stand on for very long with bare feet. Wooden flooring is great, it does tend to keep eat for longer than tiles or rubber patio flooring. None of the usual materials will work and definitely won’t stand the test winter throws at them. For places like the kitchen, the only answer is electric underfloor heating that is easy to lay out as the mats simply roll flat. They’re easy to connect and have a cold tail that is 3 cm long making installation and connection simple. These mats can be laid out underneath your flooring so you can control the temperatures of the floor and make it comfortable to walk on without any socks. It feels nice and is a simple mechanism with not many things that can go wrong.

Socks are designed to keep our feet uniformed when we’re outside of our home. Our home is where we should stretch out our toes and get to feel some great textures between our toes. Synthetic fibers for carpets don’t hold a candle to wool for comfort, style and practicality. Wouldn’t you like your kitchen’s floor to not be so cold and dead? Underfloor heating makes you want to stay around for a little longer when your feet are warm.

Stay Gorgeous

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