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Lime Crime Makeup || Review

Hey guy long time no write and I am so sorry that it's taken me this long. I decided to have a break and I know I haven't been blogging consistently for a year but I finally feel like I have my s**t together. I've still been using Instagram and have been getting back into a routine. I've got plenty of posts and videos on the way now that I've found time for everything. But back to what you all came here for a review and one magical one for you. We are talking diamonds and Lime Crime. I've loved Lime Crime for years and one of my first big lipstick purchases was Babette, the tube is iconic in pink with a holographic unicorn. Back then you couldn't really get Lime Crime in the UK so I had to pay through the nose for it to come via amazon. since then I have been hooked. Over this passed year I have fallen back in love with Lime Crime and it's all because of their brilliant diamonds collection.
If you want that out of this world eye look or even want to super enhance your glow, go no further than the Diamond Dew. I currently only have 2 shades but I can guarantee I will be picking up some more. The packaging is cute, in a tear drop bottle with a doe foot applicator. The product inside is like angle tears, shimmery, glittery gold. Rose Goals is a rose gold shade which adds a perfect glow to the eyes and great for intensifying the highlight. Tearful is a beautiful light blue shade which looks just like tears, I mean it is just to die for. Application is really easy, either apply with the applicator or use your finger. It does start wet at first but dabbing it with your finger and the product dries and lasts all day, with no worry that it will loose shine. Adding it to the centre of the eye makes for a great pop of shine and lets your day look go into night. Stunning and well worth the price in my opinion.

Lip toppers started to emerge on the market mid last year, the makeup community exploded and were grabbing at all the lip strobes they could. It isn't really a new phenomenon in the makeup industry, it is actually relatively old hat but they seemed to make a big come back and Lime Crime really out did themselves. I have 2 full size and the 3 mini unicorn ones. When they released the unicorn collection I just couldn't say no and I'm not disappointed. I have Acid Fairy, Lit, Unicorn, Unicorn Queen and Black Unicorn. Acid Fairy is a pinkish blue even a little bit purple shimmer glitter shade, Lit is a champagne pink shade, Unicorn is a light champagne with hints of pink,  Unicorn Queen is a purple shade and Black Unicorn is a Black purple shade. All the toppers are glitter and shimmer heavy and don't feel chunky on the lips. Smooth application with the doe foot applicator, and doesn't dry the lips out leaving a smooth shiny finish. Add a small amount for a hint of shimmer to make the lips look fuller or go full on for a fun look. You can even go crazy and do multiple colours for a fun festival look. These lips toppers are so versatile and are ling lasting on the lips, great product.

I still love Lime Crime and I really believe that they are changing the brand with the change in makeup. Let's face it a sudden rush of lip toppers, Unicorn inspiration and mermaid vibes. It is definitely a great brand and I can't wait to use these in so fun and easy halloween looks.

Stay Gorgeous 

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  1. Erm wow wow wow how beautiful is this?!
    These look incredible!

  2. Those are gorgeous, I still havent tried anything from lime Crime except maybe one lipstick - Alicia Xo

  3. Love the shape of the diamond dew bottles and Tearful is so so pretty! I bet it would look amazing for a glam party look. x

  4. I have two of the eye glitters and I absolutely love them! x

  5. OMG look at those metallics! x

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