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Kevyn Aucoin || Review

Kevyn Aucoin is a brand that I have lusted after for at least 5 years now, ever since I saw the Skin Enhancer. But being highend it was one that I wished for rather than went out and got, that was until I found the brand sitting in the makeup section of TKMaxx. I couldn't believe my eyes, Kevyn Aucoin (not the Skin Enhancer I'm afraid 😞). I picked up a few bits that were a steal, ranging from £3.99 to £9.99, a lot cheaper that buying them off the Kevyn Aucoin counter. Sadly though, like most things at TKMaxx, once they are gone they are gone, though keep an eye out you never know when they'll be back and the savings are phenomenal. But I'm really happy with what I managed to pick up.

This is a cult classic and years back I remember everyone on Youtube was raving about it. Picking mine up for a steal at £9.99 I couldn't believe my luck. They only had 1 shade left and I prayed to God that it would suit me, being pale and all. Medium is perfect, it hollows out my cheek bones and really carves out my face. First up the packaging looks highend, with its gold box, suede pouch and classic container, it is definitely worth the £36. But there is a small catch, which probably is why I wouldn't buy it at full price, it is tiny. When I say tiny I mean its the same size as the blush and eye shadow. But a little does go a long way, as the powder is pressed but finely milled, a couple of dabs is all you really need. It comes with a mirror for on the go and really blends out well. My final verdict, a little pricey, but if you can get it via TKMaxx then you have grabbed your self a huge bargain.

Again a great steal on the TKMaxx front. This large 30ml bottle is full of glorious product. I picked mine up in the shade Sunlight, a beautiful gold shade perfect as a facial primer for darker skin tones, adding that natural glow to the skin. Well for me being pale as pale can be, I use mine as a liquid highlighter, so you know your girl has a tone of product. This product really packs a punch with its golden tones and shimmer it is well worth it as a liquid highlight. the packaging is the classic colours and feels very highend, it is a pump system and half a pump is enough for highlighting. Another great steal and will last me months.

I am a huge lover of lipstick, with an ever growing Mac collection, I wanted to branch out and try more and Kevyn Aucoin is no exception. With their sleek red to black packaging and smooth formula, they are true contenders in the lipstick jungle. For Keeps, a pinkish nude shade which is highly sought after from the shade range and Endless a vibrant fuschia shade, not for the faint hearted. The overall formula isn't drying and For Keeps is definitely one of my go to lipsticks, a perfect every day shade. Endless is just one of a few of the shades available which it bold, bright and vibrant, with an opaque finish. If you want a more subtle hint then dab away with this lipstick. Well worth the investment.

A handy little duo which was a steal from TKMaxx, but 1 that I'll probably not pick up any time soon. The shades which I picked up I can't seem to find anywhere so cannot really tell you the true name, but there is a black shade and a white shade. Both are highly pigmented and easily blendable though they are opposite ends of the spectrum which makes them not very compatible. Though great at making a smoky eye and adding a highlight to the brow bone and corner of the eye. The packaging is again the same sleek finish with a handy mirror. All in all a good product and easily blended, but I don't really think its worth the money.

First things first, it took me about 5 minutes to find out how to push the nib up, but once I got it there was no stopping me. These liners are to die for, they are so creamy and glide like a dream. I picked up 2 shades, Evergreen, a bluish green shade and Cadence, a more vibrant blue shade. A strange choice, firstly those were the only options and secondly, I really have been enjoying using darker shades on my tight line that isn't so harsh as black. These shades really do enhance the eye and with that smooth finish, there is no stopping me. It lasts all day and you can even smoke it out, though you do have to be quick with that one, as once its dry its dry. The packaging is sleek and beautiful and this product is well worth the price.

I've never really been a fan of cream blushes, I mean I've used them but I'm a powder girl myself and cream on powder does not look good. Never the less, I wanted to try to diverse my look a little and these beautiful cream blushes looked like the perfect start. The single blush in Liquifuschia, a bright fuschia shade. Very bright and vibrant, and trust me a little goes a long way with this one. I love putting it lightly on the apple of my cheeks and then powdering my face, this way the colour doesn't look so over powering on my pale skin. The duo in Pravella/Janelle, a light blush pink and a mauve pink shade. This matches my skin tone much better and blended together really helps to define my cheeks. It even works individually, with and without powdering my face. Just like all the products it comes in its red and black packaging with gold presser and even comes equipped with a handy mirror.

Overall I love this brand and cannot wait to try some more products, and if these are great, I cannot wait to see what the skin enhancer has in store.

Stay Gorgeous

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