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Anastasia Beverly Hills || Review

When I think of the States I think of Sephora and Anastasia Beverly Hills (well a lot more comes to mind but lets face it a makeup lovers haven is Sephora). Then Anastasia Beverly Hills decided to branch to the UK, starting life on Beauty Bay, the Cult Beauty, to finally opening up a .co.uk! Yes ladies and gents they finally saw that we are obsessed with ABH and I couldn't have been more happier. Last Christmas I received the Foundation Stick as a gift under the tree. Ever since then I was hooked and needed more, but money isn't that easy to come by currently so big purchases have to wait till Christmas. But, never fear TKMaxx is here and I managed to grab some of the best bargains ever.

This is one of my favourite stick foundations, the formula is thick but creamy and blends effortlessly into the skin. The packaging is sleek and luxurious, with its black tube and gold logo, it definitely seems like a work of art. It is so quick to use, just draw a few lines on your face and blend, its that simple. The product isn't as creamy as the Revolution Foundation Stick, but that's what makes it great, especially for us oily skins. The formula isn't at all oily or greasy and doesn't feel wet on the skin, or like its melting as you swipe it on. The shade range is reasonably good, though like most brands it could be better. The overall finish of the product is semi matte and reasonably high coverage, with the added ability to build the coverage up where needed. It certainly has blown me away and I would highly recommend it if you are thinking about this product.

Liquid lipsticks are the in thing and my god ABH has got one of the best formulations I've tried. The shades I managed to pick up from TKMaxx are Madison, a purplish shade, Ashton, a brown nude shade and Naked, a light nude shade. Each their own beautiful and matte, another plus for ABH. The formulation is creamy and smooth and glides on the lips, then after a minutes the product becomes matte and lasts all day. Madison is so bold and beautiful it would look perfect on darker skin tones. My favourite thing to do with these is mixing them, Ashton and Naked make the perfect pare to create more plumper lips with the contrast of light and dark. These are so beautiful and I would recommend anyone who loves liquid lipstick to try these.

I have wanted this palette ever since it was released, well I have wanted all the Glow palettes. On an innocent trip to TKMaxx turned into a gold mind. This palette sitting behind some hair products, mine all mine and at £19 it was a true steal. This palette did not disappoint, the shades are eye catching, bright and give you that interstellar glow. There are a few shades that are really out there but are really easy to wear. Go light for a subtle look or spray that fix + and wack it on hunnie, you will shine further then the sun. The consistency is soft and applies really well, there is a little fall out of glitter when you tap the brush, but still looks blinding. I think this is my new best friend and I say if you spot it at TKMaxx, grab it and never let it go.

Stay Gorgeous

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  1. The Aurora palette is so so beautiful! I want to try the stick foundation just to see if they work for me lol
    Alicia Xo

  2. I love the look of that highlight palette - I don't think the shades would work on me but that's because I use their GLOW palette everyday. What a bargain at £19 though! x

  3. I definitely need to do a ABH haul! xx

  4. The highlight looks gorgeous! I'm sure this is the one I nearly bought a few months back xx

  5. I love stick foundations but have never tried the ABH one but it looks great! Absolutely love the look of the highlighter palette too. All the shades are gorgeous. x

  6. the highlight is defo a fave of mine! i have ABH glow kit and it is amaaaazing!