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Why Edinburgh is the Perfect Place for a Much-Needed City Break

Edinburgh is fast becoming a global destination and giving competition to cities such as Paris, Amsterdam
and London. There is history galore, beautiful nature and more pubs and bars to crawl around than you
ever thought possible. Edinburgh has something for everyone and is the perfect place if you want a city

Situated on the Firth of Forth’s southern shore, staying in one of the many Edinburgh apartments to rent
on the waterfront can be a sheer delight. The views these provide at a very reasonable cost make them
ideal for your visit to the city.

Edinburgh Castle

No one should be surprised that Edinburgh Castle is the city’s top tourist attraction amongst the people
who travel there. A castle has been on this spot since the 12th century, and it continued to be used as a
Royal residence until 1633. It has been involved in many wars, and because of this houses the National
War Museum of Scotland. There are events happening at the castle all year round, and you can find out
more about these online.


It is hard to imagine that this beautiful place to visit with lots of little cafes and shops, was once the place
used for public executions. One poor woman was hanged for murder and on the cart to take her body
away, she woke up. This was seen as divine intervention at the time, but as her punishment had been
carried out, she could not be hung again for the same crime. She was nicknamed, ‘half-hangit Maggie,
and one of the pubs on the Grassmarket is named after her.

The Real Mary King’s Close

If you are frightened of ghosts you should steer clear of this place. Located underground on the Royal
Mile, its name comes from a merchant who lived there. The guide will tell you all the scary tales of this
supposedly haunted venue.

The Royal Botanic Garden

This is the oldest botanic garden in the UK and it is home to many beautiful plants and flowers. It is loved
by tourists looking for something different for their gardens, and by the locals as a peaceful place for
drinks and a bit of shopping.

The Scottish Whiskey Experience

Nowhere else makes whiskey as good as the ones produced in Scotland. It is probably Scotland’s
best-known product and even those who do not enjoy a wee dram should try the Scottish Whiskey

As well as getting to taste the whiskey, you can ride in a barrel and eat delicious food, swilled down with
a glass of the best Scotch.

Portobello Beach

Beaches are not the first thought that comes to your head when you think of Scotland, but for some fresh
air and a nice stroll, head for Portobello Beach. Just a few miles outside the city centre, it has 2 miles of
sandy beaches ideal for swimming and sunbathing. This award-winning location attracts large crowds in
good weather, and its promenade is used for several events throughout the year.

A city break with such a diverse amount of things to do could be one of the best you have ever

Stay Gorgeous

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