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Fenty Beauty || Review

Do you remember when Rihanna came out with  her beauty line?? Well it's taken me that long to finally get my hands on a few of her products. I still want a few more but only being available at Harvey Nichols, makes it a little hard to get your hands on. I mean I live going into London bit it's a real effort to try and actually find it. I'm not saying I didn't try but London ca  be a nightmare when Google maps sends you in the wrong direction. Any way going on a tangent, here are the few products I picked up...

This became a cult classic if the brand, and Instagram videos were going viral. Showcasing it's bright vibrant colour and long lasting capability, it was everything you wanted from a liquid lipstick. Seeing people drink coffee, kiss and even eat and this sucker stayed on. So I was hooked and it really was the main product I wanted. I mean a beautiful bold red colour that doesn't transfer, sign me up.

The bottle is beautiful and gives me mad Louboutin vibes. With its rose gold stem and glass jar, it is undeniably Rhianna. The applicator is different from others, though I have come across it once before, on a Kiko liquid lipstick, being more of a horse foot applicator. This being the fact it doesn't have a point and it majority round. The colour is so beautiful it work with pretty much every skin tone, even my pale ghost face. I don't even mind the applicator so much, it does take some practise but once you have the hang of it you can look sexy a f. There's just one down side...

Where is the staying power, the non-transfer. Am I using it wrong?? I just don't know how they got it to stay without transfer. Kissing, drinking and talking and it can get everywhere, even when it felt dry on my lips it was still wet. Now I have used lip liner, drying out my lips and even scrubbing my lips, and the only way I have managed to make it matte is by applying some loose powder on the top. After that it look beautiful, but not what I was really promised. So yes I would recommend it especially if you don't mind putting powder on it. But as a get up and go it would have to be a no. If you have tried it or have any other suggestions on how to get it matte, let a girl know x

Travel sets and mini set are my all time favourite, why?? Because they are cheaper and they are usually small and mighty. Same can be said for this duo, a nearly full sized universal gloss bomb and mini highlight. A perfect introduction to the brand, with a killer highlight and glossy lips. The gloss isn't so lip gloss like, it's not sticky or tacky and doesn't go everywhere. It settles perfectly on the lips with a very subtle shimmer, and really absorbs into the lips. Leaving them looking, juicy, hydrated and beautiful. The applicator is a standard doe foot and the packaging looks very chic and high quality.

Moving on to my favourite bit, highlight. This highlight is in the shade Hustler Baby, a beautiful rose gold shade that really packs a punch. That glow for all seasons and a little really does go a long way. Being mini means it is great for travel and the best part about this mini....it comes with a mirror! Literally the best thing to happen to travel size and it is so compact it's great for on the go. No fall out and blends like butter into the skin.

I cannot wait to try more of the Killa Watt highlighters as they are so good and gives you a highlight for the gods.

Stay Gorgeous

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  1. I’ve still not tried anything from Fenty beauty and I just don’t know why! The highlighter sounds absolutely fabulous!

  2. I havent dared try Fenty yet but the Killa Watt highlights sound awesome!

  3. The lip paint deffo reminds me of the louboutin lipsticks too! I still have a list of fenty beauty products I need to try!
    Alicia Xo

  4. I love Fenty - the concealer sticks are amazing! x

  5. I still haven't tried Fenty! xx

  6. I've recently reviewed the Fenty highlighter and foundation and they were amazing! I'm with you, I need to try more too! x