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How to Make His Special Day Truly Memorable

In case you are stuck with a birthday or anniversary idea for the special man in your life, you might want some inspiration to make his day truly special. No matter if you are with a motorbike enthusiast or a football fan, you can find an activity and present that will fit their style and make them appreciate your effort. Below you will find a few ideas to help you plan the special celebrations.

Home Cooked Dinner Just Like His Mum Did It

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Every man loves the food they had back at home, no matter how old they are. If you talk to his mother next time, ask about their favourite meal and get the recipe, so you can recreate the same meal in a romantic environment at home. He will appreciate your effort, and feel valued and on top of the world. You might want to show him the caring and nurturing side of you, so he learns to appreciate your relationship.

Active Days Out

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Men love adrenaline. Whether you want to get a quad bike voucher for him to get some spins in the mud or a helicopter tour, you will win the game. Men don’t really fancy going for a long walk unless there is paintball involved. Meet their adrenaline cravings half way, and join in their type of fun. After all, the day is about them and not you. A great day out for a man can be climbing a rock, going sailing or surfing, or trying out a supercar as a birthday gift to remember.

Funny Cards

While planning a special surprise is important, you will also have to pay attention to the details. Depending on your relationship and how long you have been together, you could search for rude, rude, cheeky and insulting greeting cards for all occasions that will make him laugh and be proud of being with a woman who has a sense of humour. No matter what you are planning for the day, a personalised card will set the right tone.

Invite His Friends

Men like the company of women, but might not want to exclude their childhood friends from the celebration, either. It is important that you develop a good relationship with his friends, and - if you want to  - throw a party they can enjoy. Many men feel like they are under the thumb if their other half doesn’t involve their friends in days out and parties.

A Book He Will Actually Read

No matter if your man hasn’t read a book for a long time, you can find one they are definitely going to. Whether it is a biography of their favourite actor or actress, or a history book they always wanted to get their hands on, you can surprise them. Don’t forget to write a personalized quote  in the book, so they will remember you every time they pick it up.

Planning your other half’s birthday is a challenge. Ask his friends and family members about what he enjoys, and make sure that you give him a once-in-a-lifetime experience and something that will remind him of you every day.

Stay Gorgeous

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