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Gradz Bakery

Bread. It's something we dont usually think too much about. We all have our staples and in general we don't really change our preference. But I'm here to tell you, take a dip out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Last week, I received the most beautiful package of sourdough breads from Gradz Bakery. 6 delicious loaves to try and I wasn't disappointed. All the breads had something different which made them unique and tasty. I personally was really excited to try the 100% rye with honey, as I usually have a honey soaked bread as a staple.

The 6 loafs that I tried were the 100% rye with honey, dark bread with seeds, dark bread with sunflower seeds, oats and flax, spirulina and pumpkin seed and amaranth bread. Being a sourdough they do have a slightly different taste but it is still so nice.

I tested all these breads in as many ways as you would eat bread. As sandwiches, toast, with scrambled egg, with jam and even just with butter. They were so good and so fresh, and I even fell in love with two other types, oats and flax and amaranth.

The oats and flax reminded me of a seeded loaf, with the seeds and oats running through it. It crisped up nicely and was delicious. The amaranth bread was by far my favourite and the one I ate the quickest (it was just too good). The crust was more crisp and tougher which is what I love in a fresh bread and the bread didn't taste too much like the classic sourdough taste. Meaning I ended up sharing it with others.

This bread is beautifully baked and tasty, I would definitely check out their website and order these breads through Ocado. These breads are so nice, so good in fact they won the world bread award in Ocado.

So take a trip on the wild side and change up your bread. It's so good and different it is great for a change.

Stay Gorgeous 

(these breads were gifted to me, all opinions are my own)

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  1. These sound so good and different! I really need to step out of my Warbutons Toastie bread comfort zone and try out some different types of bread for my morning toast!

    Heather xo | http://www.xhighlandbeauty.co.uk

  2. I love bread! I could honestly eat it with cheese for every meal. These look incredible and I really like sour dough so I'd probably end up eating all of them in one day and end up looking like a loaf myself! x

  3. Who knew there were so many different types of bread?! Now I'm really craving some crusty bread with soup!

  4. I love bread so this is my kinda delivery! x

  5. These sound so good! I love bread so much! Sourdough is so yummy!

    Katie x

  6. Wow this looks like one of the best packages ever to receive! I absolutely love sourdough bread, it's my favourite!

  7. I'm literally so boring with bread. white or nothing pretty much! these sound like they could be really nice though

  8. Bread is my weakness! this sounds amazing!
    Alicia Xo www.alicia-a-la-mode.com