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5 Tips to Survive Final Year

As I am writing this, snow is coming down heavily and the wind is howling. I've got 2 months left of my final year of University and the end is in sight. And this final year has started tough, I'm not gonna lie I came into this final year thinking it would be a breeze and well it wasn't. Exams, coursework and dissertation took over most of my time and I had to time to do the thing I loved like blogging. After my first batch of exams were out the way and second semester started it was then when I realised I really need to get my butt in gear. Now that I am on top of everything and even have time to do the things I love I've compiled a few tips that I think will help you get through your final year.

Don't look at how long you have left!
This is a funny one and I'm not saying don't think ahead, I mean don't look how long you have until you finish. I started to do this and found myself panicking that I have very little time to do anything. Planning ahead helps, making sure your on top of course work and revision. Yes you don't have long to go, but trust me stop counting the days as you don't want that unnecessary stress in your final year.

Have fun and make memories!
You should have already been doing this throughout your time at Uni (or school). But, make the most of your last year, get together with friends every now and then, go out for dinner and have fun. Making this time with your fiends is so important as once you have graduated it becomes more difficult to connect and plan meet ups. But, make the experience worth while, some of these people may end up being friends for life, so don't left work get in the way of enjoying your time.

Be creative with course work!
I mean it, be creative! Make the work more enjoyable to do, used animation, sound, transitions and one of my favorites which I have started to used in my last semester Prezi (not sponsored but highly recommend). Presentations can be boring especially if its not something you really care about, so why not make it more interesting. Trust me the more interesting and interactive a presentation is the more you actually enjoy it and way to present it. Putting a little bit of imagination and effort into a presentation can make all the difference in your presentation style. Since starting my final year, I have found it so much easier to present without notes when I have had loads of impunt into the presentation. Trust me there is no point in putting together a basic presentation and being bord, as if everyone did that it would be a very boring lecture. 

Start revision early!
Sorry to say this but you need to start revision on the get go. It's not fun or enjoyable but you've gotta do it. In my first semester of my final year, I left revision to the end. Not a good idea! Seriously, I wish I had done little bits after every lecture as it would have made the revision easier. You'll find in your final year, you need to learn and remember a lot of stuff and as much as we prefer to revise nearer the time, it is in fact impossible to do. A lot of topics to cover and only so many hours in the day, you'll run out of time, burn your self out and won't have revised everything. You need to have that balance and schedule to ensure you stay on top of everything. So start please, you will need it.

Stay focused on YOU!
I mean it stay focused on you. there are people who will put pressure on you, will seem to prod and poke you, they will make you doubt yourself and your ability. It happens and unfortunately there are some people out there that will think you haven't tried or your grade is lower then theirs. Well it's time to focus on you! It's hard for me to follow this so I know how it feels, like you think your ok and then you will doubt whether you did enough. Well we need to stop, because YOU CAN do this, YOU CAN get that dream job, YOU WILL graduate and YOU WILL be AMAZING. Trust me be true to you and ignore the doubt because if you try your best, dreams will become reality, if you just keep dreaming and think you'll get nowhere then that is where you will stay. So BAN the HATER and walk down that hall for your degree like your walking a CATWALK, because baby you are a STAR!!!

Stay Gorgeous

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