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The Best Things To Do In Peterborough

Fancy a trip to a stunning English town? Peterborough is nestled deep within the midlands and is a place where many people come to enjoy the history, see the landmarks and experience British culture at its best. Plan your trip and take a look at some of the things you could be doing during your stay...

Rutland Water

This stunning area just outside Peterborough is a place you will definitely not want to miss during your stay here. You can enjoy a walk in the forest, ride around the lake and even go rock climbing outside. Or, if you’d rather you can take a walk through the area and catch the wildlife who reside here, including the osprey. Finish off the day with a trip to a restaurant in Oakham and enjoy a Michelin starred meal.

Peterborough Cathedral

Britain is a place shrouded in history which dates back thousands of years, and you can experience a piece of this history with the Peterborough cathedral. It was built originally as an abbey in the 1100’s and is located in the beating heart of the city. It is recognised as one of the most stunning castles in England, and is filled with stunning architecture and incredible attention to detail. It is the burial place of two of England’s queens: Katherine of Aragon and Mary Queen Of Scots. If you want a cultural day out, this is the place.

Queensgate Shopping Centre
Situated opposite the cathedral is a shopping centre which is a great place to spend the day if you are in need of retail therapy. There are 15 restaurants along with 90 stores to shop your heart out and fill your belly. You could shop with the regular high street stores or even go for something more designer: everything is there.
Key Theatre
If you love going to the theatre and annoying local shows, then a trip to the key theatre will definitely be something to put on your itinerary for the day. The building is situated looking across the river nene so it is an ideal place for a romantic evening out with your partner. The theatre provides a range of entertainment such as dance, concerts, shows and musicals. They even provide stand up comedy shows sometimes!
Sacrewell Farm
If you are looking for a place to take the kids and have a fun day, this is an ideal spot. Sacrewell farm allows you to take the kids out to visit the animals and play in the countryside. It’s the perfect place to escape the city for a while and enjoy some fresh air. They even offer a scavenger hunt around the grounds to keep the kids occupied while you have a coffee.
Greyhound Stadium
The greyhound stadium in Peterborough is one of the most impressive out there, and it is the perfect place to make the most of the races. The stadium features 1000 seats, 8 bars, a cafe and even a fast food stand to keep you going as you watch the dogs race around the track.

Stay Gorgeous

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