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Reconnecting Relationships: 4 Bedazzling Ways to Hang Out With Your Bestie

We all have hectic schedules and sometimes life gets in the way of us spending time with the people we love. Whether you’ve been swamped at work or have been keeping quiet on the social scene it is always a good idea to reconnect with your friends whenever you get the chance. It doesn’t have to be pricey or hugely time consuming either; just a fun activity to get you back up to speed with each other’s lives. Pick up the phone to your best friends, sister or work colleague and treat yourselves to the ultimate catch up.
1.Brilliant Bars
We all love to let our hair down after a stressful week and what better way than heading to a local watering hole to catch up with your best friend. Places like Bunga Bunga do special deals for mid-week drinks, so it is an inexpensive option to meet after a long day at work. Just a couple of mojitos into the night and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t caught up sooner. This is your chance to let loose after being cooped up in the office all day, so take full advantage of the evening and dance your troubles away.

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2. Sumptuous Spas
Tense shoulders and chipped fingernails call for a spa day. Grab your bestie and treat yourselves to a relaxing break at the local beauty salon or spa. Enjoy a dip in the pool and sweat out your troubles in the sauna. There is no better feeling than entering the week feeling recharged and refreshed, so do it in style with the ones closest to you.
3. Outdoor Excitement
We can often forget to move our bodies because we get so exhausted carrying out the everyday tasks of life. Running to get the bus to work, whizzing around the house with a duster and skipping around the kitchen trying to pull a dinner together doesn’t count as mindful exercise, so take a walk in the fresh air and get the gossip from your old friend. Getting some exercise together will make it more fun and you won’t even realize that you’re being healthy.

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4. Foody Fun
We all have a deep-rooted love of food within ourselves that only our best friend can understand. You both enjoy the same cuisine and unashamedly undo your top buttons of your jeans whenever you go out to dinner together. Reconnect over a lovely fresh meal and try that restaurant that you’ve both been meaning to go to for so long. Try something new and have a giggle over a fine dining, candlelit meal.
Don’t neglect your loved ones for another minute and catch up in some of the best ways possible, put on your dancing shoes or cook your favourite foods together. You spend years of your life building friendships with awesome people so it’s really important that you try to maintain these whenever you can.  You’ll be glad you took the time out of your schedules to get yourselves back on track and you’ll have a whole load of fun along the way!

Stay Gorgeous

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