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More than Magaluf: Planning a Perfect Getaway With Friends

Now, there’s something to be said for keeping things old school and making your getaway about nothing more than drinking cocktails and lapping up the sun! However, it’s also true that there’ll come a time when you outgrow this type of holiday and want something more. The good news is that though you’ve said goodbye to this type of adventure, there’s plenty of others waiting to be enjoyed! Below, we take a look at how to plan the perfect holiday with your closest friends.

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Pick Your Timing

It used to be so easy when we were younger. Nobody ever had anywhere to be! But then real life begins, and all of a sudden people have jobs, relationships, and maybe even children that need to be prioritised. As such, you’ll need to put some time into when exactly you’ll be going away. It’s best to give as much notice as possible. Nobody can say no if it’s scheduled for months and months into the future! It’ll give them time to book the time off work, smooth things over with their partners, and so on.

Choose an Activity or Theme

So you’ve already decided that you want to do more than just lie on the beach for a week. The question is, what do you do instead? A good idea is to pick an activity, and then build your adventure around that. If you’ve never been on a skiing holiday before, then take a look at Andorra ski holidays. Skiing is a super fun activity, and it’s even more enjoyable when you’re with friends! And then there’s the whole apres-ski business, which basically means having a few drinks and reliving the day's highlights. Sounds good, right? Alternatively, you could also pick a city theme. If you normally visit beach destinations, then you’ll love all going to shows, out to fancy restaurants, and so on.

Getting Organised

There’s a lot to organised no matter what holiday you’re going on, but it’s all the more straightforward if everyone pulls their weight! Assign each in your group something to take care of. For example, one person could be in charge of getting to and from the airport; another could research where to eat each night, and so on. Everyone will have a share of responsibility, but not so much that they become overwhelmed.

Time to Reconnect

While you’ll be excited to explore your chosen destination and do all the fun things that it provides, it’s worth remembering why you’re going away: to enjoy spending time as a group! Try to avoid cramming your days too full with events and attractions to attend. When you’re travelling with friends, some of the best moments are the simple ones, such as when you’re all sitting around the breakfast table. You’ll miss out on these moments if you’ve planned for everyone to be up and out by 8 am each morning!

Finally, remember to go with the flow. As long as everyone’s having a good time, it won’t matter what else is happening!

Stay Gorgeous

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