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Huda Beauty || Review

Highlight anticipated and what a wait indeed. I took the plunge and got the Huda Beauty Textured Rose Gold Edition palette, it was well hyped and I had to give it a go. Well that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with this highend brand. So, this is what I've tried and what I think.

My first purchase into this brand and I was pleasantly surprised. The palette is home to 18 beautiful shadows, 7 of which are the groundbreaking textured shadows. Blend beautifully into the skin and blend well into each other with great color pay off. The only unusual thing about the shadows are the textured shadows in particular the textured shadows. These shadows are do beautiful and swatch amazingly but they don't really stick to dry brushes, in fact they are similar to the Charlotte Tilbury palettes, you know that one shade even Charlotte herself says to apply with your finger. Well with already having the experience with the Charlotte Tilbury palettes looking at them I knew that applying them with my finger or a wet brush would make those shades pop. I wasn't disappointed they are beautiful and really add that pop of color to the eyes. It is a very highend palette but it is so worth it.

So naturally, when the new palette came out I have to grab it. Yes I know another highend expense but they are so worth it. The shadows blend beautifully and the luxury of these palettes are to die for. This palette didn't disappoint, with the added plus of a mirror and a pressed glitter. 9 shades in this palette are the beautiful textured shadows with one mind blowing pressed glitter. The layout for this palette is a bit different, whereas the first palette organised the textured shadows together this palette lays the shadows out in almost a color order. Either way this palette is one of my favorites and I always grab it when I'm feeling a bit extra.

Who pays for full sizes now days? They take up room and for the same price as 1 you could get 2 or 3 or 4. Well, lets save a bit of money and get 4 minis at a time and trust me when I run out I'll be repurchasing. These liquid lipsticks are incredible so soft and creamy, blend well and last all day. I have picked up 2 mini sets so far and I love them. They are my go to lipstick for events and feeling extra. They don't dry your lips out either which is a must with liquid lipsticks, noone wants dry cracked lips. The sets that I have are the Love Collection and Nude Collection. If you want to splash out on a extra special set of liquid lips that suit a vast array of skin tones these are the things for you. (Shades shown; Crush, Girlfriend, Wifey, Sugar Mama, Bombshell, Flirt, Venus and Trendsetter)

My most recent purchase from this brand and what a purchase. This foundation is giving me life! Colour matched perfectly and doesn't oxidise, oh yeah and its full coverage. This foundation seems to be a miracle from the beauty gods, a foundation that does all of this doesn't look oily, and drys semi matte. My skin looks flawless with this foundation and I look like I'm living my best life ever. With a range of shades to choose from you should be able to find your shade. 

My love for this brand is strong and I definitely will be purchasing more. Oh yeah, don't feel put down that my links are from an online store...Huda Beauty is available at Selfridges, so why not live the high life and head on down.

Stay Gorgeous

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