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2018 Plan

Wow how is it nearly March already? I had so much planned for last month that didn't lift off the ground, my bad. But I'm trying my hardest to get back on it all.
I've got posts waiting and videos editing but I just can't seem to find a good balance between university and blogger life. I've written a few posts in the past about how I keep organised and make time for everything. Guess I don't really follow my own advice.

So here's the thing I have 3 months at uni left (with a month off for Easter). In this time I have presentations, course work, exams and not forgetting my dissertation. That's a lot of uni work in a short space of time. I felt like I was behind last week. Not sure what I had to do, what needed to be done. I got myself in a rut of doing a bit of work and indulging myself in Netflix. It was that sad I actually watched episodes I've seen multiple times. What was wrong with me.

I needed to change and really strive for organisation. So, with a kick up the ass, I made an action plan. Gantt charts! If you haven't heard of this don't worry, I didn't until I started my dissertation. It's a way of staying organised and seeing your progress. You basically put all the weeks your planning and then the tasks down the side. Then just fill in the squares! Mine is done in a key of yellow for in progress, red for not done and green for complete. At the beginning of each week I update the chart and see what I have managed to do and what is left.

This way of organising has really pushed me this week to get on top of everything. Not only that but being able to use my phone and tablet to do little bits of work now and then couldn't have been more easy.

I feel I'm heading in the right direction and things are finally falling into place. Let's get this study done and graduate. But in style! Posts to come...

Stay Gorgeous 


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