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Goals for 2018

Hello 2018, like everyone I have come up with a whole bunch of goals for this year. I would say I hope 2018 will be my year but that's just down right cliche (even though I am). With all jokes aside I want to make the most of 2018. I have big dreams and those dreams don't come true unless you put in the blood, sweat and tears life inevitably throws at us. So with out rambling on let's get to it.

1/ Finally Graduate from University
Girl, it has been epic, 2 universities and 2 degrees I am swinging off the bars. I'm 25, not getting any younger and I want to start really living my life. My plans when I graduate get a job and maybe do my masters but we'll see.

2/ Learn to Drive and Get My License
Yes god I know what have I been doing for the last 6 years. Well I'm learning now so I'm hoping I pass my test and get my license before I graduate. A car would be a lot easier the the unreliable unrealistic public transport. I mean I would love to save the environment, but come on I have to be on time not 15 minutes late or an hour early.

3/ Buy a Car
Well obviously!

4/ Become a .com
Oh yes this one I like and is going to be the first thing ticked off my list. I have wanted to be a .com since getting a domain and now I'm finally gonna do it. I'm not just going to be national I'm going to be global.

5/ Save Money for a House
Yep I know, I actually need to start thinking like an adult. I got a credit card to boost my credit score (as a student it's hella low) and I've been looking into mortgages and houses. So it's time to save as I want that big family home to call my own and start my own family life. First stop home second stop dogs haha.

6/ Lose Weight, Be Fitter, Be Fierce
Yes I know another cliche. But here's the thing I know I can do it and joinibg slimming world has been the best thing I could have done. I like who I am but I needed to get my ass in gear. I lost a stone in 1 month in time for the festivities. Yes I put a little back on but I'm determined. I want to feel good in clothes again and I am, and girl has found a new store to shop.

So that's it just 6 little goals to achieve this year. But you know what just because I set them doesn't mean I have to complete them in a year. Don't set your self high standards, the bigger the height the further the fall. Achieving just little things help build you up to that peak.

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