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A Little More Childish Fun Could Be All You Need

When does the ‘child’ definition leave us? At what age? Well, legally we are no longer considered a minor at 18, but we do still have plenty to learn about the world at that age, and about ourselves. Emotionally, casting a dividing line between childhood and adulthood can be a difficult thing to do. You’ll know when you feel like an adult. Some people express that they never feel like one, and are simply going through the motions. This perception differs from person to person, but it doesn’t take away the fact that we all were once children.

That means we all have certain hidden tendencies that even a salaried job, mature relationship and other responsibilities can never take away from us. We all have an inner child, one who grew up. You’ll realize this the moment you have children, as this is usually the point where new parents realize that even the elderly do not live in a static state. They were once babies also. Obviously this is understood fact, but perceptually it can sometimes be hard to consider in our dealings with others and ourselves.

If you find yourself feeling stressed out more often than not, you have a difficult time reducing your mental burden, or you simply want some good old fashioned fun, then returning to your inner child could be exactly the medicine you need.

Here’s how -


We all watch television, listen to podcasts, stream Netflix and maybe play video games. This entertainment is passive to a degree. How can we best become more physical in our playing antics? This can help us experience life how it’s meant to be lived - as a form of dance. If you spend the time using your body and mind for a fun physical experience such as bike riding, learning to dance or playing with craftables, then you have an adult form of the experience we all desired as children. If you’re looking to connect with a new and novel adventure, this could be it.

There are many adult toys with a childish and fun slant to them. From rollerskating to Swegways to comic book creation kits, there is always something out there to suit your tastes, and that you can enjoy in public without seeming strange.   

Spend Time With Children

Of course, this step can only be completed if you have family members that are children. If you have younger cousins, nieces or nephews, then next time you’re around their parents house, bring some toys with you to treat the little ones. Open, build and play with them for an hour. If we haven’t children of our own, sometimes we can forget the pure joy that being silly and painting faces with them can be. If you have some close relatives you have a trusting relationship with, coming around for a visit and playing with their children could be a great way to forget the mental burden and constant responsibility for being an adult, and once again ingratiate yourself into the fun of childhood.

These two tips combined should give you a fun way to connect to the inner child that might have been silent for too long.

Stay Gorgeous

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