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4 Facts Twenty-Somethings Notice While Travelling

What a difference a decade makes. One minute you’re a teen traveller looking for independence and the next you’re in your twenties. Thirty-somethings will point out that the worst is yet to come, but we’ll cross that bridge later. Travelling in your twenties is a wonderful experience, one that is different to doing it in your teens. There are extra confidence, more perspective and better social skills. But, the trait which you hone the most is observation. Living in a commune with like-minded people from around the world is bound to reveal answers to the mysteries of life.

Here are the ones the twenty-somethings can’t fail to miss.

Stereotypes Have Truth

As a fresh-faced undergraduate, you would have fiercely debated anyone who believed in stereotypes. No, Germans DO have a sense of humour thank you very much. But, that all changes when you spend time with different people and cultures. Yep, Germans aren’t the best at picking up sarcasm, and American guys are loud and over the top. These clichés don’t make them bad people; neither does it make you ignorant and close-minded. It just reinforces the fact that stereotypes come from an element of truth, and it’s refreshing to see how many people couldn’t care less.

Change Is Inevitable

Try hanging out with North Americans for six months and not picking up a teeth whitening kit. Everyone has things they don’t like about themselves and travelling with new people can heighten those feelings. And, it can encourage you to make changes. Don’t see this as a bad thing but as an opportunity. Sure, the traits that are important are non-negotiable, but the others are works in progress. Who cares if annunciate a little better instead of mumbling your words? Or, if you lose a strong accent for a generic one? These things happen during the trip of a lifetime, and you shouldn’t stop them.

Home Is Tense

The idea of going back home is a killer. All you want to do is stop in hostels, meet new people and get drunk for the rest of your life. Instead, you have to go back to the rat race and pretend as if you’re having a good time. Seeing a new culture reveals one thing: the UK does things weirdly. Southeast Asians have very little yet their life still has a purpose. South Americans are content with the small things in life. Even some Europeans are chilled and laid back. There is no doubt that home is a stressful and pressurised environment.

But It Has Its Moments

While you spot the flaws, you also see the things which make you love the country of your birth more. In a world of PC culture, a dry, British sense of humour isn’t something to dismiss. It’s a leveller that helps you to maintain perspective in a difficult world. The rolling hills and fields of the countryside are vivid green colours that you won’t find abroad. The TV programmes are even a feature to cherish. Mixing with children of the world makes you appreciate home more.

Do you have any facts you would like to add to the list? Don’t be scared to get in touch.

Stay Gorgeous

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