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Dating and Relationships

8 years, wow. 8 years I have been with my partner and honestly we have been through a lot of ups and downs. And after 8 years you forget just how your life was before you started dating and developing your relationship. For us it was not an old fashion meet in a bar and start talking, or even meet through friends. Nope, we met through Facebook. Yep that's right, online!

Though you can still hit it off with someone person to person, it is becoming more and more popular to generate a relationship online. Back when I did it, using dating sites or even meeting people online was almost taboo, especially when your younger. But as the years have gone by we have become more and more open to the idea of online dating. I know friends and family who have used dating sites and some have really hit it off. 

But where do you start your hunt for love?? You can find a few top best dating sites here. Though don't be put off on the though of online dating as there are more site that will appeal more towards your likes and needs then you think. For those of you single divorcees, there are multiple sites out there such as date divorced singles. This site can be prefect for you, as they know exactly what you have been through and what you are really looking for, as well as knowing that you may have commitments such as children which may interfere with times you can meet. This is not to say that everyone on the site has children but, they will be more accommodating. 

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There is no age limit to dating online either, and it can be a great place to meet like minded people such as yourself, who may just want a companion. For those of you on the senior dating scene, there are plenty of people and sites looking for the same thing as you. You may even find a kindred spirit in the things you like or even believe, this brings me on to the religious dating scene. For those of you who follow a faith, there are sites out there for you. It can be a confusing world to find your perfect match, don't give up there are sites out there to find love, such as Christchurch Dating.

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Some larger, mainstream sites can be a little tricky to find love, especially if you live on an island, distance can be an issue. But, don't fret there are ways around this. Most islands do have their own dating sites too, such as this dating agency Isle of Man. This way you don't need to worry about booking a ferry or a flight just for a first date. And like most dating sites they may even hold events such as dancing classes or even pub nights, where you can meet with like minded singles without having to travel very far.

Now what if you just want some fun, partying, dinner out, something that doesn't require a label. More dating then relationship. This subject is a little taboo still, but it is still a form of dating, though you don't necessarily have to continuously date the same person. This is more adult dating, and yes it can involve mainly sex than dinner. But for some, this form of dating can lead to a more progressive relationship, or it can become a progression of ones self, to gain the confidence needed to move on and find a relationship. There are also those too busy or even want to explore something different that can return to the site and discover more. But still go on in their day to day life with out the worry of ties. 

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We are all human and find comfort in companionship. It is this companionship which can be in various forms from NSA to full blown relationship. There is no shame looking for love online, some of the best relationships have come from online starts. Just be you, be safe and...

Happy Hunting

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