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Urban Decay Naked Heat || Review

On the 27th July, the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette was released in boutiques and online. While on a day out I was invited to the mini launch event at Urban Decay Carnaby Street on the 27th. With this event you were guaranteed a Heat palette which would be held back for the event.

The launch day had arrived and everyone was ordering it, to the point it was sold out by lunch time. Not to worry, I had mine reserved. The event started at 6pm, so entering the store I asked about the event. Off downstairs we went.

Downstairs is a makeover bar. With a large table in the center of the room with mirrors, chairs and even a little place to attach your phone to either film or take pictures. Chairs were set up facing the till where they had laid out a variety of drinks and two ladies on stools (the models).

The event was designed for you to get a feel for the palette, the different looks you  an do and to showcase some other products that are fairly new. The first look was more fitted to day, and wasn't too heavy on the eyes. We got to test and see the new prep products and how they prep the skin. At the end the model had a very natural look with the most beautiful eyes.

The second model was showcasing the more smokey look, a night look you can produce with the palette. Again the look was amazing and given the different skin tones and types it was great to see how the prep and overall look was done.

During the demos, we were given face plan sheets to write down how the look was produced. Me being me had to have two, one for each look. The only downside to the demos was the lack of liner pencils. Unfortunately the warehouse only sent four of each shade and they sold out so quick they didn't realise they didn't have demo ones. But, they did provide alternatives, which was pretty neat.
At the end we got to ask questions and grab the elusive palette as well as a few other bits (future post). So I'll get on with what you're really here for the palette.

This palette is 100% unique form all the previous Naked palettes. All 12 shades are warm toned, With 5 shimmer shades and the rest matte. The packaging is similar to the Naked Smokey palette as it is plastic rather than the metal casing like the Naked 2 and 3. Just like the previous palettes, it comes with a dual end brush, which is super soft and blends out the shadows perfectly. The shadows are very soft and blendable and can be used for day and night looks. The only shade that I seem to have trouble with and feels different to every other color is Lumbre. It is a beautiful orange gold shimmer shade, however it just feels dry and hard and the color pay off in swatches is a little bit of a let down. If you rub your finger into it a few times you can get some decent color pay off but it doesn't feel as luxurious as the other shades.

Considering the price it is on par with all the other palettes, in fact with this palette the store had some many calls about how much the palette cost, that they had to advertise it bigger. I don't know why but a lot of people though this palette was going to cost way more than usual. So don't worry this palette won't break the bank. But at £39.50 you need to be sure you want this palette, especially if you are new to makeup. It can be a big buy for some so consider whether you will use the shades or not. Over all this palette is fantastic and I love using it.

Stay Gorgeous

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