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Travel Money Troubles And How To Escape Them

If you love to travel, then there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a snag or two along the way. Besides being an inconvenience, the most profound effect of these unexpected turns hits the bank balance worst of all. We’re going to take a good look at some of the most common money troubles when it comes to travelling and give you an idea of how to avoid them or escape them if you get caught by them.

Getting caught out by providers
There’s a lot of ongoing talk about some of the more consumer unfriendly practices of the big providers. For instance, travel agents, airlines, car hire companies, and comparison sites hiding some of their considerable hidden costs. Booking as far ahead as possible will help you get the best deal. But make sure you pay attention to any fine print if you’re booking online. You’ll see that a lot of the boxes for optional options are already checked. Stop, read what they offer and see if unchecking them decreases from your bill.

A change in plans
When you’ve been planning a holiday for weeks, what you don’t want is to find out that your flight has been changed, or cancelled outright. Unfortunately, it happens all the time and it’s not like there’s anything you can do about it. If your flight is cancelled then you can get a full or partial refund, but many won’t pay for the fact that you might miss a connecting flight if you’re hit with a delay. For that reason, buying travel insurance is one of the most money-smart travel plans you can make.

Underestimating those daily costs
The big costs like the hotel, flights, car hire, and the like are where most of your attention will be. However, if you don’t consider things like public transport, food, and standard provisions, you can find that you start going way over-budget. Even in destinations as oft-visited as London, people don’t realise how necessary and how expensive public transport can be, nor the fact that they can make it much cheaper with some preparation like buying an Oyster card.

Paying it all off
A lot of people use credit to pay off a holiday, which can be a great way to make those once-in-a-lifetime trips more affordable. However, when paired with a trip that goes over budget, it can really land you in hot water. If you’re going for a holiday that’s more expensive than usual, it’s a good idea to research something like debt consolidation secured loans in advance. That way, you know you have options to give yourself more financial wiggle room if the trip ends up costing much more than expected and you’re struggling to pay it off. On the other hand, prepare as much as possible in advance by budgeting for some emergency savings that aren’t going to go on the holiday but rather on taking care of any extra payments it might bring with it.

Travel is all about new experiences, and unfortunately, with that comes some degree of risk. You can never truly future-proof your holiday, you can just make the most responsible moves in any situation to get out of it as unscathed as possible.

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