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Kat Von D Makeup || Review

I have wanted more Kat Von D products since I visited LA in 2013. But, being in the UK it was super hard to get your hands on, until Debenhams released that they would be selling it. Yet I still didn't take the plunge and buy any products, then I caved at IMATS London '17. I had a great time at IMATS and pick up a bunch of stuff, but by far my favorite was the Kat Von D products. So I picked up 3 liquid lipsticks, the foundation and the Tattoo Liner (which was a free gift). 

First things first, I would highly recommend swatching it or getting it color matched as it is very easy to get the wrong shade. Most foundations oxidise on my skin so I always get a lighter foundation to compensate. Well learn from my mistake and get matched, I picked up the shade Light 42, it will be perfect for my winter skin tone, but definitely not my summer tone. The foundation overall though is amazing and if you are someone who suffers from acne or uneven skin tone or even rossacher this is a perfect foundation for you. It is high coverage and matte, and it lasts all day long, without separation from sweat or leaning on it. The packaging is very professional and definitely works well with Kat Von D herself with the ink drop shape on the bottle. It is a pump foundation which pushes up from the bottom, this is nice as less mess, but I feel some foundation could be left behind when finishing. Overall a game changer in the makeup industry.

I have 3 shades, Lolita (reddish nude), Bow N Arrow (brown nude) and Ayesha (lilac purple). They are matte and long lasting on the lips, which makes them perfect for a long day at work or a night out on the town. The only thing that breaks down this lipstick is oil and grease, so that pizza may spread your lipstick off your lips and onto your face, not a good look. The entire collection is beautiful and there are so many shades to choose from you are sure to find one that you love. Unlike most liquid lipsticks I own, these are considerably longer and skinnier, this I think is a good thing as it makes them stand out from the crowd. The packaging is so beautiful with the matte black cap with silver rose detailing, just like a beautiful tattoo. If you are after that perfect liquid lipstick, I would highly recommend these.

Ok so mine was a little free gift, but I will definitely be buying the full size when it runs out. If you buy anything from Kat Von D make it this little beauty, I have never had such an amazing felt liner that has given me the blackest and most precise line. This is a game changer if ever I did see one. First off the packaging is so cute with the matte black and silver stars and roses, and the cap is a little different as it has an inner cap which gives a tight seal around the liner. This little change it huge, this means that liner which is amazing doesn't dry out...Yep you heard that, the packaging has been designed to stop the liner from drying out as well as looking stylish. The liner itself is longish, which I usually steer clear from as they are so hard to use as they don't seem to have any stability. However, this liner has the perfect balance of length and density, making it easy to manage to create that super slick line. The tip is super fine making any wing look sharp and any touch ups can be done with ease. I can 100% say that I don't think I could live without this liner, it truly is a must have product and something that everyone needs in their collection.

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