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How To Use Your Smartphone Intelligently When Travelling

Whether you are embarking on a trip of a lifetime to the rainforest of Costa Rica to witness flocks of macaws and nimble squirrel monkeys in their natural habitat or if you are venturing to the hustle and bustle of a two-week cultural tour of Japan, you will want to utilise your phone to its maximum potential. Take a look to explore how you can use your smartphone intelligently when travelling.


The Handset
Before you can do anything else, you need to ensure you have the right kit for the job; this means getting the right handset. You need a smartphone with a decent camera, solid battery life and access to apps. Even if you have a poor credit history, you can secure a decent handset. By researching the pay monthly phones with Zaggor, you will be working with people who are specialists in obtaining the latest handsets for people with less than perfect credit ratings. All you have to do is worry about your travel plans.


Booking Your Accommodation
There are a vast array of hotel and hostel apps within the app sphere. Before you even set foot on foreign soil, you can use one of these apps to secure all of the accommodation for your trip. You may not even have to part with a penny for a deposit. The apps are highly intuitive and will store your hotels and keep you updated with any deviation in price due to currency fluctuations.


Get yourself one of the many free travel planners and start beavering away and honing your travel plans. By dedicating some planning time towards your trip, you will be ensuring that you utilise every spare moment of free time. You can log costs, timings, routes and places into your plan. At the same time, you don’t want to plan every spare second. Some of the most joyous travel moments are when you stumble across the unexpected and you can be a little bit spontaneous.


Moments captured on camera are those special images that you will refer to time and time again to transport you back to your travels. A photograph of a beautiful sunset, a sensational party or some local cuisine is enough to spark the most wonderful memories. A decent camera on your smartphone will leave you feeling confident that every aspect of your travels can be documented safely and securely.


No Need To Get Lost
When you are hitching a ride across the Serengeti of Africa, you’d be forgiven for worrying about how you are going to reach civilisation. The emergence of 4G and wifi allows you to use map features as well as geographically specific route plans interactively on your smartphone. Gone are the days of the ordnance survey maps to be replaced by a more technologically advanced way of travelling.

Your smartphone is not just a tool for uploading that hilarious picture of you being photobombed by a spitting camel on to Facebook. Your nifty little handset, when utilised to its full potential, can be your travel bible.

Stay Gorgeous

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